MMMM + Back to the office

Well, I guess I did go to my “office” (i.e. my closet) last week but I wasn’t as busy, seeing as how 2/4 online jobs were on Spring Break. But that’s all over now so I have to make a bunch of videos and post announcements and whatnot today.

So let’s back track – my kids were off all last week so I felt like I was constantly cooking and organizing and helping them get places, and all that ramped up Friday. In the AM, I worked a bit then Ash and I did some gas tank filling (storing for the generator in case of a storm) and then had lunch. When we got home, we watched some 1883, cleaned around the house, and got Isaac ready to go to a friend’s house for a sleepover. (Oh yeah, and I had a tutoring session at 3.) Then we had a bottle share with the homebrew group and of course, that was when the bottom dropped out; a torrential storm! But it worked out; we just hung out inside. Would have been better on their porch though.

So the next morning, having not much else to do, I took the morning easy; it was sunny and warm too. Around 11, the new kitchen table got delivered, which made me very happy b/c the original time was supposed to be much later and we had plans so I was prepping my teenager to handle it, as unprofessional as that is. Anyway, I love it; we got a big square one with 8 chairs so it finally seats us comfortably and then my parents and others when they come.

Isaac got home around 1 and then around 3, our friends showed up here and we drove out to Perry for the Big Bend Beer Fest, which was a rather small festival but fun nonetheless. When we got home a little before 9, I was so tired. I have not been sleeping well so beer plus a long day equaled very sleepy.

Sunday, I woke up feeling good though and around 11, went and got my oldest son, who’d spent the night at his friend’s house the day before. Funny enough, around 2, he walked up to another friend’s house and then got a ride to their other friend’s for a sleepover. This kid might be a real mess when I see him next! So yes, the rest of the day was laundry and burgers and a few beers and finishing 1883. A good day overall!

This morning, I have a lot to do, as mentioned, then my parents are coming later on their way through town. I didn’t verify but now I am stressing; I didn’t ask if they got a hotel and I don’t mind trying to find a place for them to sleep here but my kids go back to school tomorrow so it seems a little unfair to them. It wouldn’t be the end of the world but it’s a little awkward.


The theme this week was your choice of 50s, 60s, or 70s. I am choosing 70s because music was REALLY diverse in that decade. I’m going to pick some very different songs from that time to show you how I see it. They’re all pretty different!

3 thoughts on “MMMM + Back to the office

  1. I was an adult for most of the 70’s but I sure remember these songs. In fact, I owned that Boz Scaggs album (in vinyl, of course) and we played it a lot. I would say your selections differ substantially, but nothing wrong with that! Alana ramblinwitham

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