Random Tuesday stressors

  • That’s right; I’m using Random Tuesday to whine. But it’s my way of organizing and compartmentalizing my stress-related things. It may also help me overcome them.
  • So, as of Monday at 9:30, I have called the soccer office and asked for my request: that my middle child get switched to a team that has Monday/Wednesdays practices like my oldest. Otherwise, we are just going to be SO busy. And we have a lot of other stuff on Thursdays so that might interfere now and then. However, its pretty much only through May so I guess it’s not forever. We were doing this last Spring until Elliot broke his leg. So all I can do now is hope Coach Bev takes pity on me and finds a team for us. All I can do now is wait. (Which I hate doing)
  • The other thing is, of course, work. I start my one TCC class soon but it’s not a lot. It’s better than nothing but I need one more position so I can make it through the summer. I applied to a bunch of stuff last week so here we go: the waiting time.
  • So now, I feel like March, April, and May are going to kick my ass with so many things. I mean, I like to be busy but at some point, how do you make sure you’re not becoming overwhelmed? You’d think by this age, I would have figured it out.
  • Speaking of age, we’re now in my birthday month. 43 is nothing big of course. Ash asked if I wanted him to rent a place down in Panacea for the brew fest we’ll be serving at and I said no, because I don’t want to make it a whole big deal. I’d just rather have a relaxed day where I don’t have to cook. Is that too much to ask?
  • Running isn’t stressing me but this coming Saturday is. The kids and I are doing a 5k at 8 and then Elliot has a double header – 9:30 and 12:30. If Isaac stays on the same team, then he has a game at 11. What a day it will be!
  • Oh and as of now, I don’t know if Elliot will make counselor in training for the camp. If he does, he’ll work all summer but at this point, I am debating skipping one session for the other kids to save money. But I’ll be dropping him off regardless. So the stress really comes from the not knowing yet.
  • So now, Isaac did not get a MW soccer team. At least, not yet. I got a call back and she said she doesn’t have one BUT if any kids drop out this first week, there may be a chance. So right now, we’re waiting for that possibility as well as for a spot to open up for this summer music camp. The clarinet section was already on waitlist but we registered him for that just in case. So, bated breath!
  • I’m really cold today and I’m tired of this! It’s so time for sun and beach and just… something else.

4 thoughts on “Random Tuesday stressors

  1. Every once in a while, we just need to say it all “out loud” (on our blog 🙂 ) and then we can move on. I love that you do that well. Seriously!!
    I hope y’all get the team changed – otherwise, y’all are going to be there every day.
    What kinds of camps do your kids attend besides music camp?

  2. 43? You’re a kid yet…

    I think more kids play clarinet than any other instrument in school. I went through a period when everyone I met played the clarinet in the school band. Just as a suggestion, I understand that the fingering for tenor saxophone is exactly the same…

    1. Hmm, interesting. If he does not pursue clarinet, I’ll suggest that! Have to see if he’s serious enough first. I do think wanting to go to the camp indicates some lasting interest.

      1. There’s a little difference, obviously, because it’s bigger and the keys are more spread out, but he probably has the embouchure for it…

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