MMMM + You could say we were busy

Indeed, we did a lot this weekend! But some of it was just pure fun. So Friday, Ash and I did work for our respective jobs then went to Maria Maria for lunch – one of our favorite Mexican places. Sad that due to the avocado shortage they didn’t have guac but it is what it is. We then had a flight at the brewery next door. I don’t typically go to Ology but they serve coffee now which means they are open far earlier than any others in town.

After that, we had a couple beers at home then stopped drinking because we had a bank appointment at 3 to open an account for my son! Since he’s getting hired as a city sports ref, he needs one. So once that momentous task was done, we had a few more beers and listened to music and watched movies. Very restful. Oh, and we had pizza so, day one of eating twice. Oops.

Saturday was weird in that no kid had soccer until noon so we had extra time to play with. Ash ran 6 miles and Dakota and I went 3. This gave me some time to work around the house too then it was off to the fields for the final city soccer games. Her team tied – which was well-deserved because that team they played had definitely improved from the first game they played. Isaac’s team crushed their opponents – and nearly had some fights. They played dirty – tripping our players, etc – so that was why. I notice that the teams who don’t have talent but have size and heft, tend to do crap like that. It’s all they’ve got I guess. Anyway, soon as we left, I got the kids going on heating up leftovers and then we had a brew club event where we tasted off-flavors in beers. (Essentially, this company send a concentrated amount of that flavor and you try it in a beer to see the outcome. It helps you be a better brewer.)

It only took about 35-45 minutes to taste those so then it was bottle sharing and hanging out. Around 5:30, we decided to head to Growler country to meet a couple friends and then a few folks from brew club joined us with their spouses so we had a nice time with a bunch of people. Good times, y’all.

Sunday, I was not going to eat and drink to excess again so I started early on cleaning and laundry then we had burgers and that was all I had. Directly after lunch we went to our friend’s place. He had felled some trees and offered us wood for outdoor fires. So we took the whole family and put the kids to work on the log splitter and loading pieces into the car. We all worked, really. Especially once we got it home and had to organize the wood pile. So yes, a very productive afternoon. In the evening, we decided to give Yellowstone another try. We watched about half of the first episode a while ago but I was not intrigued at all. Somehow, this time it is much better and now we’re hooked!


Freebie week so let me pull some stuff out. I’ve been trying to get back into Motionless in White, as I mentioned in a post last week. We’re seeing them with Ice Nine Kills in April so here’s the song I like the most:

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