Wednesday podge replacement

Since there’s no ‘podge this week, I’ll just expound. I just finished filming another youtube vid and I think it turned out much better than the first time I attempted it. Plus, I have a new camera and mic so it’s not as crappy as before. I am also using Davinci Resolve for editing so that should make my stuff look much better. Though learning a program is definitely a lot of work!

This week started off pretty well: we took the kids out to eat Monday (since they were off school) and no one complained or fought; it was kind of a miracle! Especially considering that my son spent the night out and my daughter had a friend over the night before and the were both insanely tired. After lunch, we just hung around here, watching some shows and then cleaning. I feel like we were productive. I took the younger two on a run and then my daughter had dance.

Tuesday, I was motivated but only got a little done. I was more interesting in fending off my insane hunger. Must be that one time of the month where I am ravenous. I went to Target just to take my mind off it then I went for a fast two mile run. Once finished, I allowed myself to have a keto snack of cheese and flax seed crackers, some meat and nuts. Thankfully, that held me over until the beef and brussel sprouts were done. We watched some movies in the evening and by 9, I was exhausted!

Today, I feel really good about things so I’m grading papers, getting caught up, then I am making a lasagna later and taking my son to the doc. HOPEFULLY they’ll schedule his surgery to have the flex nails removed from his leg. The doc had originally said December then they moved it to mid-March. I am really hoping that we get a date on the calendar today and can plan. I don’t think he’ll be out very long; the doc said it might take 20 mins and all he has are two band-aids on the small incisions. I don’t want him to miss any soccer because of it.

It was foggy this morning but it’s burned off now and I am looking forward to the afternoon where the hourly swears it’ll be clear, sunny and nearly 82 (!). I am already working on my pre-Spring tan and as mentioned in previous posts, super excited about the beach this year. As vain as it sounds, yeah, I want to look nice in a bathing suit. I’ve always been body conscious and had a negative view of myself. My stomach still bears tell-tale signs of pregnancy but in general, I am much thinner and firmer than ever before. We’ve been doing a high intensity upper body workout and I can already tell the difference. It certainly kicks my butt!

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