MMMM + Stop the world from spinning please

Everything seems to be going so quickly! I will say, Friday was nice. Ash and I had hibachi for lunch and we finished watching the new show, Peacemaker. We didn’t do a whole lot that evening other than have a few drinks and watch a movie from the 90s with Brian Bosworth and a slew of other well-known actors you’d know if you saw them.

Saturday, Ash got up early to run and then we had 10 and 12 soccer games. Both my kids scored and their teams decimated their opponents. LOL. That afternoon, Ash and I ate keto and I made food for the kids and then we eventually packed all our brewing equipment for Sunday. We went out to our friend’s house, who just started getting into the hobby. Dakota came with because she and the guy’s daughter are friends. We made an irish red ale and I hope it turned out well. Numbers like Ph and original gravity would indicate as such. While there, we smoked a pretty nice cigar and tried some interesting beers, made burgers, and I tried collards for the very first time! This is pretty nutty considering I have a lot of family literally from the South. I thought they were dang good but then again, my friend pulled them from her garden yesterday morning.

Dakota’s friend ended up coming over to spend the night, my middle child spent the night elsewhere, and Ash and I finished one more beer, ate a sleeve of thin mints, and watched Predator. Overall, a very nice day! Today, we have to take the girl back to her house then we’re going out for dollar tacos. I plan to take 2/3 of my kids for a run before my daughter goes to dance class then that’s it!


OK the theme this week is “party songs” so I’m picking ones that I’d put on a playlist in my house. We have a touch screen computer in our sun room and it has a jukebox software on it that both auto DJs and allows guests to pick from our collection of music and we definitely have a party playlist on there! So here’s just a few classics I have loaded in:

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