Friday Five –

  1. The week got progressively warmer and sunnier, nearly hitting the high 60s! I cannot complain one bit because the gray gets to me something fierce. Looks like rain again next week but so be it. I’m so tired of feeling like the cold is consuming me, making me not want to get up and work.
  2. We took the kids out to dinner Wednesday because they’d been saying how we hardly ever go out anymore – which is true, but the experience reminded me why we don’t: there’s a variety of complaining and ungratefulness going on. I mean, when I told them where we were going (a local pizza place I thought we all loved) my oldest groaned. He claims not to like it but every. single. time he goes he says it’s good. So what gives? They just like to whine, I think.
  3. Speaking of my oldest, he made me so proud yesterday when we turned in his employment paperwork to be a city sports ref. They sent him to get drug tested right away so he’s begun the process of being actually hired. It’s going to be such a good experience for him.
  4. Conversely, he woke up today feeling “sick” so I pulled the old 80s parenting trick of “well you can stay home but you have to lay in bed” but he didn’t about face and go to school so I guess he really doesn’t feel well?
  5. I have to do a literal ton of cleaning today because of our busy weekend hosting various groups of people. I have a plan to stay calm and focused because I irritate people when I get all panicky. For once, I’d like to surprise them all when I handle stressful situation with poise and grace. Lol.

2 thoughts on “Friday Five –

  1. When I read your #5, I thought to myself — good grief – she knows me! That is exactly how I react when entertaining and we love to have friends over but beforehand . . .I’m not always calm 🙂

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