Wednesday Podge – I am already dreaming of summer

From this Side of the Pond

1. Besides the predictable name-rank-serial number, what’s something you know by heart?

Hmm, besides a countless number of song lyrics, I will say the alphabet END to START. I learned it in 2nd grade.

2. Something recently that had you tickled pink?

Well, I guess it was when Ash and I ate at Harry’s the other day. We fasted from Saturday evening around 8 pm until Monday at noon and we had huge meals. He had a burger but I got shrimp and scallops on grit cakes with a side of this spicy rice. SO good and I was so happy to eat.

3. How do you define the word romantic, and are you one? 

For me, it’s never typical stuff. I like flowers, sure, but that’s lame. Surprise me by reading my mind and take me to dinner when I’ve had a rough day. Get me a drink when I haven’t even thought of it myself. To me, that is romance.

Am I one? I’m terrible at expressing myself but I LOVE a good romance story.

4. Finish this verse with your own original thought….’Roses are red, violets are blue…

They’ll need your dental records to identify you.

Oh, I know that sounds terrible but my newest fave band, Ice Nine Kills, has a song based on the horror movie, My Bloody Valentine, and there’s literally a line that begins with Roses are red, violets are blue, and ends with that line. I have to laugh about it because as much as I hate horror movies, that song cracks me up. The premise of that movie sounds ridiculous also.

5. Five little things you are loving right now? 

Have I mentioned my heated blanket? Yeah, it’s rocking me right now.

Kresley Cole’s newest book, Munro. I had not read any of her Immortals After Dark series in a while and man, such good writing!

The Darkhorse podcast. It’s Bret Weinstein and Heather H. – the two professors from Evergreen college you may have heard about when college campuses were losing their minds. They have SUCH sound and reasonable thoughts on the craziness going on in our country.

Spicy gouda cheese I got at Whole Foods.

Today, the fact that it is sunny. I hate cold but it’s made worse by gray days.

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

As our host asked, no, we don’t have special V-Day plans. Ash and I go out to lunch every Monday and Friday when he is home so that covers that. We probably won’t do much. I’m not big on Hallmark Holidays anyway.

We have a bunch of stuff coming up and I am finally able to take it in stride. Brew club Thursday, then Saturday, soccer all morning and after, we host a group brewing session at our house. Sunday night we’re having a small Superbowl get-together. Once those are done, I will be breathing a sigh of relief!

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4 thoughts on “Wednesday Podge – I am already dreaming of summer

  1. Romance to me is all about the small unexpected, unasked for tender gesture that shows someone knows you. Spicy gouda sounds yummy! Enjoy your week!

  2. Didn’t see that ending to the rhyme coming…LOL!
    Yes, that would be a nice love language to have someone treat you to something unexpected. Happy Hodgepodge to you.

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