MMMM + Glad that’s over!

I tell ya, I really stressed about running that 15k. In fact, as I reflected in my journal this morning – before everyone else was up and I got to write – the weekend threw me out of my routine more than normal. For one. we rolled right into the drive west after I had been solo parenting for a few days. Ash literally got into town and we left 30 minutes later. We got to my parents’ house at 7 their time and my oldest son was acting a damn fool. He always pumps my mom for more than he thinks he gets at home but he went off the deep end on food, complaining that we don’t feed him. It’s baffling until you realize he’s doing it for both pity and power; typical teenager. Anyway, that really put me on edge, on top of being worried about the impending race.

We had to wake by 4:45 am to get ready and drive down there. This race is unique in that you park at the end and they shuttle you nine miles to the start. This race begins at Maritime park on Pensacola but ends at Casino beach, over two bridges (hence, the Double Bridge 15k name). So I was really scared that I’d totally shit the bed on it but I began very well, even given how cold it was. In the 30s but with wind chill, 22. It’s on the bay so the wind whips through like crazy. We did dress warmer than last time (2018) so it was alright. Plus, it was sunny. We began at 7 too, which is a bonus for being done earlier. So yes, my first six miles were amazing. I was pacing at just under a 10 minute mile. But the last three, and in particular, mile 8, were grueling. The final bridge is actually pretty rough. I managed to finish 2 minutes slower than my goal time, so, 1:37, but my time four years ago was 15 minutes slower. So yeah, much better. This race has beer at the end and while I wanted to stick around and have more than one, we were both sick of being battered by the freezing wind so we went home.

We had a beer at my parents’, showered, then we all went to a couple newer breweries, which was fun. We let the kids get candy at Bubba’s sweet shop then Ash and I finally made it to O’Reillys. So there’s this dumpy looking Irish pub within walking distance of their house and we always say we’re going to go. We finally did! My dad dropped us off then took the kids to the playground and Ash and I sat and had a beer with the locals. Of course my husband got to know a good bit of them because he’s a chatty Cathy, but overall, a fun time. My sister and her b/f came for dinner and once we’d had just one more beer and our fair share of tacos, I was DONE. So tired, in fact, I was asleep by 9:30.

We left early Sunday (before 9) because my oldest had a make-up soccer game at 2. So we were busy all day: driving, laundry, soccer, laundry, dinner for them, then an outdoor fire and a couple whiskeys. Ash and I are fasting but liquor, surprisingly, does not spike insulin much at all so that was ok. We’ll probably hit a little bit longer than a 36 hour fast today so that helps with all the eating and drinking we’ve done.


Ahh yes, as it is February, of course we are looking at love songs. I’ll have to be different here because I know there are a lot of them out there.

OK, hear me out: the band I love right now, Ice Nine Kills, wrote a song about American Werewolf in Paris, the movie, and this song is, well, kind of a love song. In all honesty, it could go right along with the book I am reading right now by Kresley Cole, about a Lykae (werewolf) who falls in love with a human. (I may have shared this one before but it works, ok?)

And because I love Toto and the sentiment here is love-y, you get this:

I’ve always associated Gloria Estefan with love so here’s this one:

Also, Sade is queen of love songs, right?

7 thoughts on “MMMM + Glad that’s over!

  1. So glad you have the race behind you!!! Oh my goodness – I know you were perturbed at your teenager telling your parents that you don’t feed him!! This might give you a chuckle . . .our daughter was home this weekend with her 2 1/2 year old daughter. Our granddaughter is a typical 2 1/2 year old who would pitch a fit when she didn’t get her way. I’m so thankful I’m not a young mother these days! Seems like there are some similarities between 2 1/2 year olds and teenagers 🙂

    1. There is definitely a similarity! This one has been sour since he was 3 ANYWAY so I mean, it is what it is. When he’s not busy whining, he’s actually quite fun to be around and really responsible so I guess there are always tradeoffs,

  2. Mom used to joke that my stepfather would go out for a walk in an unfamiliar neighborhood and come home knowing half the people. He was a real extrovert.

    Like the songs you chose, especially Toto and Sade. I can’t believe that Sade has been around for almost 40 years…

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