Friday Five – Getting it together

  1. Ugh; I woke up not feeling right on Thursday and I couldn’t really explain it. Maybe it was the fact I didn’t eat very well Wednesday due to stress. I had Chipotle for lunch and a ginger ale, then when I went to the brew club executive committee meeting, I had two beers and when I got home, was juuust drunk enough to want a pb&j. Not awful since I had keto bread. But I just woke feeling icky.
  2. But the oddity with my son’s bus kind of vaulted me out of it. He mentioned that he was supposed to get a new driver so when the kids who never miss were gone once he got there, he figured it already came. So I got dressed and into the car but then we passed the bus so I turned around and left him at the stop. But just getting on that made me a little more motivated. Probably would have lounged in my chair just a bit too long otherwise.
  3. Once the kids were all gone I tidied the kitchen, started laundry, took a shower, then I caught up on email. All in all, a productive day but I hit a moment in the late afternoon where the ugly gray cloudiness got to me and I was feeling so lost and sad. Luckily, I managed to overcome it when I started making dinner. That gave me purpose.
  4. Today I am trying very hard to be mentally tough. For one, I am responsible for the packing. We leave later for my parents’ because we’re running the Pensacola Double Bridge 15k tomorrow. I folded our running items this morning and am slowly gathering other pertinent things. I have to pack up all our normal clothes too and get the house ready to leave and why it feels like a slog, I don’t know.
  5. Secondly, I am somehow worried about this race. I know it’s just last-minute jitters. I have had great training runs and I HAVE trained. One things I have always believed is that if you train hard, and trust in the training, your race day should be enjoyable and a success. I’m working to change my attitude to one of positivity. Wish me luck!

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