Wednesday Hodgepodge – Phil saw his shadow

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1. The Wednesday Hodgepodge landing on Groundhog’s Day sounds about right. Besides the Hodgepodge what else lands on your calendar just once a week? Is it as much fun as the Hodgepodge-ha!? 

Hmm, I guess I’ll say weekend sports for the kids. They typically have games on Saturday and it dominates the entire day, really. Last weekend, they canceled because it was too cold and honestly, I had no idea what to do with myself! Debatable whether it’s as enjoyable as the ‘podge. I do enjoy this!

2. The Winter Olympics begin on Friday, surrounded by much controversy. Will you be watching? Why or why not? Have you ever been to China?

I’m never as keen on winter as summer but I might tune in. Sometimes it’s interesting. I’m not, like, boycotting over China, though that country does have much to answer for. I’ve never been but it might be a cool trip, if I ever wanted to be on a plane that long!

3. Something in your life lately that has felt a bit like an ‘olympic event’? 

Um, winter! I feel like it has just been so cold and for a long time. I know I should not complain because it’s not even that bad but I just really hate being cold.

4. Do you like fondue? Sweet or savory? Restaurant only or do you own your own fondue set?

I’ve done fondue maybe three or four times and I prefer savory – the bread and cheese was always pretty good. I’m not really into going often and no, I don’t own one. I remember my parents did because I think everyone in the 70s got really into that!

5. Give us five short (2-3 word) phrases to sum up your January. 

Soccer every weekend

Learning new brew-methods

Always running!

NFL winding down

Loving electric blanket

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

Ash had to go down South for a couple days to scout a hotel for a September conference so I’m holding down the fort. It feels like a lot: Dakota has a project to do, I have to go to the executive committee meeting for Brew Club (without Ash), Elliot has soccer, and I am not done with my weekly grading. I also need to squeeze a run in today and pack us up to leave Friday because our double bridge run is Saturday in Pensacola. To say I am overwhelmed is an understatement. BUT, I can do it. I’m strong!

8 thoughts on “Wednesday Hodgepodge – Phil saw his shadow

    1. Yes! I find myself rerouting my brain away from negative thoughts often this morning. Plowing through grading papers and then going for a run, to be rewarded by eating Chipotle later!

  1. Well that sounds like a lot on your plate. I remember the days of sports and our kids. Running all over the state for games and tournaments. Hope you have some good breathing time in between your events! Happy February and Hodgepodge!

  2. That’s how we feel about our Santa Ana winds. They’re just are not stopping. Yes, the 70’s fondue was pretty popular. I like you short phrases for January. You sounds so busy. Hope it all goes well.

  3. I remember the years of soccer for our girls…they played from the time they were 4 til they graduated, and they played club which meant games every weekend and several tournaments. Miss those days sometimes. What are you brewing?

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