MMMM + A new-found motivation

Not a bad weekend over here, even in the cold. They canceled all three soccer games Saturday and admittedly, I felt a little lost without them. I wasn’t quite sure what to do with my day. I ended up doing some cleaning and in the afternoon, we built a fire in the fireplace and I did some reading. Dakota went to her friend’s and Isaac had a friend over so it was still a day with things going on, I just felt off.

On Sunday, I got out and ran six miles, despite it being only 31. It was not too windy and it was sunny so I got it done in 56:45, which is good for me. I then met my friend to get pedicures then came home to make burgers, drink beer, and watch football for the rest of the day! Happy to see the Bengals were victorious; it’s not that I dislike the Chiefs but they’re the team that non-football watchers glom onto so, hence, I am not going to root for them. Simple as that. These people on the periphery of the sport want to feel like they’re part of something so they half-listen to the media on who’s popular and they jump on the bandwagon. This irks me something fierce.

Anyway, I’m heading into my typical work things now. I feel a lot better about the world now, especially since I got one express course from TCC and it appears, a second prison section. Sure, it’s not what I typically get but it is better than nothing!

Tomorrow, I will be filming my second youtube video. That’s right: I started a channel. So far, I only have my into video, which is a little cringy but it’s out there and that’s the first step. I’m including the link if you want to check it out. I am new to actual content creation on youtube and mystified as to why I keep setting it to have a video on the homepage but it won’t do it. So anyway, just click on videos. LINK


Freebie weeks make me happy. I am excited to share with you two bands I’ve been listening to. Fortress, not to be confused with any of the nine other bands named this over the years, is pretty good and VERY Iron Maiden-esque. Unto Others is like, Type O Negative and Morrissey and something new entirely all mashed together. I love them!

7 thoughts on “MMMM + A new-found motivation

  1. It’s been really cold here, too. Thankfully the sun has been out the past three days which has been really nice and doesn’t make it feel nearly as bad. A 6-mile run under an hour sounds good. I’m trying to get my distance extended on my elliptical but couldn’t do anything last week because of health issues, so hopefully I’ll make some head way this week. Thanks for sharing your new-to-me song picks and best of luck to you on your YouTube channel. Although, metal music isn’t my genre of choice, I thought it would be cool to see what you share on your channel so I subscribed to it. 🙂 Have a boogietastic week, my friend!

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