Friday Five – About to be TOO cold

  1. That’s right: this coming Sunday and Monday, our lows dip into the low to mid twenties. For Florida, that’s pretty dang cold. What’s crazier is that even south Florida is getting frigid temps; they’re getting “frozen iguanas falling from trees” weather. Look it up if you don’t know about this phenomenon. It’s actually a little funny.
  2. I really enjoyed my dinner with the kids last night. Ash went out with his guy friends so I took them to Rock n Roll sushi, my favorite purely sushi place (not hibachi). My oldest and I go there sometimes because he’s the only other one who liked sushi but the other kids wanted to try it and there was a basic chicken teriyaki on the kid menu. We definitely overate and I spent too much – especially after we then went for ice cream – but what a nice evening with them.
  3. I had “bad” dreams last night. Nothing awful but they each had this tinge of negativity. Like, my husband being upset with me or kids failing at something. It’s odd when something isn’t even concrete but is a feeling that stays with you even once awake. Ugh.
  4. I got right up today and showered, then organized the closet. As mentioned, I want to start a youtube channel and I intend to post my initial welcome vid soon. But with the closet all cluttered, I feel like I was holding back.
  5. I randomly decided to log back into the Spotify desktop app so I could listen to this setlist for my upcoming concert and OMG, I remember why I hate the free version: ads! Although, I recall getting one or two here and there, for products. (In fact, I recall the Groupon one with a particularly annoying woman) but now, it seems I get three or four longer ones, all trying to sell me on garbage music I’d NEVER listen to and then – horror upon horrors – they tricked me. They began by playing some vapid stupid mumble rap song and talking about how I could discover great new music but you know what else is great? Getting vaccinated! Sorry for the language but fuck you, Spotify!

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