Wednesday Hodgepodge – It’s cold and gray; ugh

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1. January 25th is National Opposites Day. ‘They’ say opposites attract…do you agree, and if so is that a good thing? Or do you subscribe more to a ‘birds of a feather’ philosophy? 

I actually do agree here; Ash and I have similarities but we are generally very different and it works for us. In fact, we learn from each other in that way but we also come together on the things we have in common. As far as people being very similar, I tend to think that doesn’t work out because I’ve known people in the English department who were both, say, poets, and they got married and almost none of them stayed together.

2. Something you’re glad to have behind you? Something you’re glad is ahead of you?

Well, last Thursday I ran a solid 9.3 miles (15k) as a training run and I was so glad to have it over with because I was scared! But it was not really that bad. Still ahead is the actual race for that distance and yes, I am glad because of it; it will mean the long training is over. I’ll run a 5k in March and a 10k in April and then I won’t train for a half until maybe late September. Also looking forward to a concert in April in St. Augustine. I’ve never been there when not on a tour of historical sites and I’m excited!

3. Your favorite hot food? Cold food? Are you a fan of breakfast for dinner? 

That’s a tough one since my typical “comfort food” answers no longer apply; I don’t eat that way anymore. So, I guess I’ll go with Mexican cheese dip. I was going to say soup or chili but none make me as happy. Fave cold food is for sure sushi! And yes, I love breakfast for dinner! I still eat it often as my one meal for the day – so sometimes late afternoon/early evening. Give me bacon and eggs!

4. Are you someone who always arrives to appointments/events early or do you tend to run late? Last thing you were late for? 

Yes! I’d rather be awkwardly early than even five minutes late. Late people bother me because a.) we have phones so you can let people know (and they tend not to) and b.) if you’re late, it means you don’t think that whatever the event is is important. Meeting a friend and running late? You must not care about that friend. Convoluted thinking, perhaps, but I don’t think there’s any excuse for being late UNLESS it’s something like a car accident or something else unforeseen. Last time I was late? Don’t have one, to be honest. I’m simply…not late.

5. “What good is the warmth of summer without the cold of winter to give it sweetness?” John Steinbeck….Your thoughts? 

YES. It’s the same as when I say that without bad, we’d never appreciate good. Without suffering through the harsh cold winter, would we truly appreciate Spring and Summer warmth? Probably not. I can tell you, this winter seems especially frigid for North Florida and I am so looking forward to summer. On that note, two of my friends just put in pools so I’ll be sunbathing in their yards this summer!

6. Insert your own random thought here.

Plodding along. Putting a lot of effort into the classes I do have and just got an email that TCC will open one express online for me. That will definitely help! 

Writing this on Tuesday and I was going to hold out for our Mexican salad later but man was I hungry. I find that once a month I get SO hungry and fasting gets really hard. I gave into it today because I ran a fast four miles this morning. I figure some keto food wouldn’t be so bad. I had goat cheese and Flackers (omg, best flax seed low carb crackers ever!) and a hard boiled egg. Now I feel happy… and a little dazed. I think I just needed that. I managed to run about a 7:30 pace for half a mile, which is way faster than I’ve ever really run. I am getting so much faster AND consistent on long runs. Who would have thought that getting older would mean better running? I attribute it to losing weight and eating right. Even years ago when I was half marathon training, getting close to even a ten minute mile was difficult. Now that’s my comfortable pace and I’m even getting more towards 9:30. Pretty crazy!

Now, on Wednesday, I just filmed what I think will end up being my first video for a youtube channel. You have to start somewhere right? I plan to pick it up and do more with the vids but I wanted to put out one introduction video and start the channel first. Then I’ll work on content and editing later. I’m pretty excited but also, a little nervous of criticism but hey, you never truly know until you put yourself out there.

5 thoughts on “Wednesday Hodgepodge – It’s cold and gray; ugh

  1. I liked your thought on number 1. I don’t think similarities are a key to staying together and differences being a key to separating. I think it is just all work, and effort and intentionality, and allowing each person to be individuals. Wow. Great job on your run. I don’t run…lol. Ohhh we’ve been to St. Augustine a few times. I love it there. We had family in Florida. We are in Washington.

  2. That’s so awesome that you can run. Good luck with your runs. I do an open face egg sandwich with cheese. Me too, I’m just not late! Like you answer for #5. Sometimes we just need to eat something. Have a nice weekend. Way to go on the YouTube video.

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