MMMM + Thanks!

What a weird way to begin Monday: almost forgot the boys had dentist appointments so I sent my son to the bus and then had to go running out there for him because he didn’t answer his phone. Ugh. The dentist was the easy part; the annoyance was taking each to school after in morning traffic. Plus, my oldest’s school is kind of across town.

Anyway, not a bad weekend at all. Ash and I brewed on Friday and it took a while because of the new system so even though we thought we’d eat a late lunch we ended up at Mexican for an early dinner, which was so good and well-deserved for the long day. Got some Dos Equis and we then pretty much sat around. Saturday, we had 10, 12, and 2:45 soccer games and it was COLD. But we had good games overall. Got the kids home, ran a couple errands, then came home to watch football. The next morning, we got long runs in and then had beer and burgers and later, went to a friend’s house to watch football. We were not out too late, so that was nice. Overall, a very enjoyable weekend.


Today’s theme has to do with complimentary songs – songs saying nice things. Hmm, this might be kind of tough!

OK so I’m gonna cheap out on you BUT it’s also kind of fitting, given Betty White.

6 thoughts on “MMMM + Thanks!

  1. This is the perfect song for today. Oddly, it didn’t cross my mind but I’m glad you and others were tuned into it. Have a boogietastic week to my good friend who has it together. I mean that because I don’t know anyone who’s busier than you and yet you get so much done. Whew! 🙂

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