MMMM + Fall out (or falling out, rather)

So, if you read Friday, I did not, in fact get ANY classes from the community college. Normally, they’re throwing them at adjuncts and I have had to pull back from 5 down to 3. This term? ZERO. I have a meeting with the dean later, who is desperately trying to get everyone just one section in a shorter February term but wow. It really says something about the state of things. I don’t know if enrollment was low because Covid (which doesn’t make sense given that we know so much more now and the only people dying are decidedly NOT community college students). But if it is tied to that, I blame the media.

Anyway, decent weekend. I am trying to remember Friday… oh yes. Ash and I paid the tree company and then went to lunch. I feel like we did something else but it’s not coming to mind. Maybe we watched a movie? I know on Thursday he and I went out for burgers and beer and we all watched the new Ghostbusters, which was actually really good. (Proving they can “reboot” the series in an interesting way and not just ‘oh, let’s make all the characters mirror images but women.’) We probably didn’t watch anything major that evening because we had a busy Saturday coming up. All three kids had soccer at 9, 11, and 1:30 respectively. In the afternoon, Ash and I started watching Don’t Look Up but then I had to leave to meet friends for dinner. My friend, Tiffanie, turned 42 so we went to Table 23, which is an amazing restaurant, and then to a bar across the street. None of us wanted to be out late and yet, we got home after 1! And I was not feeling too good. In fact, I woke up pretty hungover, which is really not like me – ever.

So yes, I spent Sunday morning in a fog. I managed to get laundry going and I rallied when our friend came to help us with various house projects and by the evening, I was feeling more like myself. (Admittedly, I had one beer around 5 and maybe the old hair of dog is an actual fix, though I am sure it would have worked better earlier in the day but the thought of it made me feel like puking.) We finished Don’t Look Up and man, it was actually really good. It’s a cautionary tale, one that points out how everyone is so preoccupied with their own lives and how they are perceived that they don’t actually solve any problems. I’d recommend it for sure.

I ran three miles this morning – the run I should have done yesterday – and now I am working towards getting my mind straight for the work I DO have. See, I normally have the TCC in-person classes, along with about 5-6 other online sections. Well, right now I have 2 online and two more about to start. Here’s hoping one of these jobs I applied for turns up here soon! Otherwise, it’s gonna be dire straits – and I don’t mean the band!


OK, the theme is snowy and/or arctic, etc. The only one I could think of was this:

6 thoughts on “MMMM + Fall out (or falling out, rather)

  1. I hate that feeling of being hung over! I haven’t consumed enough alcohol in one evening to cause a hangover in a LONG time but I don’t think I will ever forget how it feels :-).

  2. Oh hangovers. It’s been decades and I don’t ever want to repeat that ever again. Took me three days for feel well again.

    Love the video. I loved Danny Kaye.

    Have a fabulous day and week. ♥

  3. I blame the media (and other those like-minded people) who want to cause chaos in our society. It’s all about control. They want to see the system as we know it crumble. What idiots! Oh well enough of that….White Christmas is one of my favorite old classics! Those old films not only were entertaining but wholesome and chocked full of good music. Thanks for joining the 4M crew on the dance floor, my dear. Have a boogietastic week! 😉

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