Friday Five – Just plodding along

  1. Well, I am pretty much NOT teaching at the community college. They had such low enrollment that adjuncts simply were not needed. To put this into perspective, the reason the college has so many, is because there’s just not enough full time professors for the number of students. What does this say about higher ed? I’ve had a crisis of conscience about it for a while anyway but this kind of cements things.
  2. That being said, I have been debating the last couple days whether this was a portent of things to come and a sign to move away from online teaching. BUT I really like it and I don’t want to give that up. However, if it IS a sign to find a new path, then maybe I need to listen to my gut on that.
  3. On a lighter note, I’ve noticed that whenever life feels unstable and stressful, my mind does this preservation sort of thing where it conjures up images of happy times. I found myself drifting off to sleep last night thinking about our last Hawaii trip in 2015. I fell asleep dreaming of huge banyan trees, dreamy sunsets, and balmy temps.
  4. It’s so weird that it was cool the past few days but COLD today; we walked early and it was sunny but windy and cold. I know January is always like this but the shift seemed quick.
  5. I’ve applied to a number of other jobs now so here’s hoping one of them turns out for me.

2 thoughts on “Friday Five – Just plodding along

  1. I think I’ve mentioned this to you in a comment but I know I’ve mentioned it on my blog so forgive me if you already know this. I’m 63 and did not finish my degree years ago. I have enrolled at a local community (jr.) college. I had my new student zoom yesterday. I actually took classes at this school MANY years ago so it is like being a new student again. I just did my first online assignment which was basically a quiz about the notes/syllabus/etc. and it counts as attendance verification. Each time I feel a total panic – like “what if I can’t do this”? I really appreciate folks like you who teach these classes and have patience with old ladies like me!!

    1. And that is a big portion of why I like it. I get a variety of students and I feel like that those institutions, I can actually help. At the big university where I taught before, I didn’t feel like the students needed as much hand-holding or even really wanted to be there!

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