Thursday 13 – Get over the hump

I’ve been so dang out of sorts lately but not OVERLY upset. I am being VERY conscious of my attitude and mood because when you’re a mom and wife, your outward projections do affect everyone in the household. So, without further ado, here are 13 things I do or think about to get myself feeling right.

  1. As I did Wednesday morning, I took my time easing into the day. I had my coffee, played my usual tablet games, and I washed some dishes in the sink. Then I used my neti pot (for these allergies) and now I am blasting through end of term grading for my prison students.
  2. I listen to music. Right now, it is the Holiday Traditions channel on XM but I was super into Ice Nike Kills all last week. I mean, I still listen to them while I am running but while grading, I need calming and inspirational.
  3. Been thinking a lot about next year and what we have coming up. I feel like looking ahead (past stupid January) helps me get a handle on some of my immediate anxiety.
  4. I know that one of my issues has been the weather: not super cold but every single day it’s gray and foggy. I don’t know how people in colder places do it; I’d probably have died by now! I am planning to go sit in the sun as soon as it comes out today. My weather app promised it later!
  5. I tend to, and this is not necessarily good, treat unhappiness with food treats. I have put on 2 pounds in the last week (yes, it is always fluctuating) but I’ve been bad about keto and fasting so today and tomorrow I am eating good, big keto salads.
  6. That being said, the keto salad yesterday (this post is in multiple days) plus running and sauna has me back down 3 pounds. I know it sounds nit-picky but when you’ve lost as much as I have, it feels “right” to be on top of that so you don’t go putting it back on!
  7. I go through phases of feeling like reading and not, so I do like to download some samples to my kindle and see if I can find a new author or a new book to get into. Right now I just finished something but I probably need to find something soon, for my sanity.
  8. Running DOES help, even if it hurts. Physical pain is temporary – mostly – so no real complaints. I’m trying to run on the road more, instead of the sidewalk. Cars be damned; my knees are important!
  9. Lately, I’ve been watching this one youtube channel called Tasting History with Max Miller. He does a lot of cool old things like figgy pudding and wassail, which I’ve always wanted to make. I still have not, but my crockpot hot apple cider was the closest I got. I just watched this show one time where some guy dressed up like a dude in the 1600s and he authentically made an actual wassail with ale. One day I shall accomplish that.
  10. Watching Christmas movies. We had a list we were working through but then we are always so busy in the evenings that the kids can’t sit with us to watch them. After the kids were in bed last night, we watched White Christmas, which I had not seen in forever. It was so good! I love musicals.
  11. Sadly, I am kind of shopping to feel better too. I have this routine: I get up and drink my coffee and see all the kids off to school. Once I have run and graded for each class, I get dressed and go around to stores where I know I can pick up stuff for my family. I’ll probably go into the grocery store too and get some stuff and I just feel happy doing it.
  12. In that, when I buy something for a family member, I sometimes pick up a little something for myself. I really never buy myself stuff so I mean, if it helps, it’s ok right?
  13. And finally, I have sunk myself into routine. And making sure I am marking stuff off lists. Today, I wrapped presents and I managed to get myself to move into action to do a task I’d been putting off. It’s somehow really difficult even though it should not be!

One thought on “Thursday 13 – Get over the hump

  1. #4 – the weather – oh my goodness, I agree! I do not think I could live in Alaska where they have so little daylight right now. Just this morning I told my hubby that I am counting down the days to next Tuesday. After that shortest day of the year, I have more hope because each day we move toward more light. Light is good! Sunlight is awesome.

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