MMMM + I live!

Been a while since I posted but if we’re being totally honest, I had to get away from things for a good long while there; just become more focused on my presence in life. And indeed, I feel like I got the break I needed.

My community college courses ended back at the start of December then I tooled around finishing up everything else. Soon as the kids were done with school, we took a little trip down to Tampa to go to Busch Gardens with my parents. That was a very nice little vacation. The day we left, Saturday, we got into town and went to Cigar City Brewery. I love their beer but had never been to their location. The food at the brewpub was really good! But alas, our hope of being surprised by something we’d never drank before would not come to pass. It was all just ok. After we left there and checked into our airbnb, which was a nice home in a shitty area right near the theme park, Ash and I went up the road to what was labeled a brewery but it was just a taphouse. Nevertheless, we had a couple good happy hour beers and brought home a pizza for everyone else, who were still kind of full from a late lunch.

The next day we went to Busch Gardens. My parents came with and we all really enjoyed it. I didn’t ride anything, because I hate roller coasters, but I still had fun. When we were all exhausted, we went to Miller’s for dinner. I’m not typically a fan of that restaurant but it was actually really good! We got Cold Stone after and then went home to veg, because that was just a lot. The next day, we had passes as well and my parents drove down to St. Pete to see some museum. Our second day looked a little different: the boys got right into the longer coaster lines and I took my daughter to the kid area. She got to do basically everything before it got crowded. Then we all met up and they convinced her to go on the Scorpion, which goes upside down! She liked it, even if she was scared. By the end of the day, we’d ridden basically everything and Dakota got her face painted, which was the coolest because the dad in line before us with his kids paid for hers!

That evening, after we reconvened with my parents, we went out for Mexican then called it a night. All in all, a great trip! I will say, starting break with a trip made it seem like an even longer time. I still cannot believe that I don’t go back YET! The kids are still off until Wednesday. I had a class begin today though.

The break in general was fun: Christmas turned out really great and the kids liked all their stuff, as well as I did. I got a new vacuum and a heated blanket and some other really neat stuff. My husband is a very savvy gift-buyer. He can read people. I always joke that he knows what I want even when I don’t. We pretty much just hung out this whole break. On Sunday after Christmas we went to my friend’s house with our typical friend group and had a great time, then for New Year’s we went to our neighbor’s. I am not huge on going to their place but it turned out to be fun.

Now I have to get back to the grind. I logged into my classes and am getting all ready to return to “normal”. I am still a little wary of this semester because I took a hit in overall sections. I had 10 in the fall (which is more than enough; too many if we’re being honest) but I’m now down to six. I will be ok of course but must really pare back. But after a season of spending, I am ready! I have been lean before and it’ll be alright. My only true concern is that TCC, my go-to, still has not processed my originally assigned courses. However, and knock on wood I’m not jinxing it, they tend to do everything last minute anyway. Plus, today is still the observed holiday so I’m just going to have to wait!


OK all, freebie week and I don’t think I have shared any of the new music I’ve been listening to. Is it new or new to me? Well, Ice Nine Kills is not new and the song I am going to share is older but they finally made it big recently. The other band is not new either but this song is from their newest album. Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “MMMM + I live!

  1. I am dating myself here, but the first time I visited Busch Gardens (1966), all it was (basically) was some trained birds and the Budweiser brewery. We lived off of Busch Blvd back in the mid 70’s for a year or so, and I was saddened, when we visited that part of Tampa again in 2013, to see that the area around the theme park, and where we lived, had gone downhill. Music – I’ve heard several songs by Ice Nine Kills on Sirius XM Octane, and I’ve liked everything I’ve heard. OK cover of Hell is for Children but definitely am preferring the original.

  2. I’m glad the break away from things helped. Sometimes we need to just step back to enjoy what’s going on around us instead of being tied to the Internet during our free time. I’m not familiar with either of your artists. I actually enjoyed the exposure to listening to both. I wouldn’t mind hearing more of their stuff to get a better feel for these bands. I hope the new year brings nothing but good things to you and yours, my friend. Have a boogietastic week!

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