Wednesday ‘podge – Both out of sorts and getting it together

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1. How young is young? In the past, according to various organizations who decide these things, age 60 was the ‘border age’ to old. The World Health Organization has done new research recently and divided up the categories as-0-17 (underage), 18-65 (youth or young people), 66-79 (middle-aged), 80-99 (elderly senior), 100+ (long-lived elderly). Your thoughts on this particular breakdown, and also your thoughts as to where you land?

That’s interesting but for sure; I keep thinking that even my parents (71/72) don’t seem OLD like older people seemed to be in the past. It could be that they didn’t have to work as hard as previous generations so their golden years are more active and fun. I’m smack in the middle of that ‘youth or young people’ category at almost 43 and I feel way younger than I used to, and that’s due to healthier eating. It made ALL the difference!

2. TIME magazine has declared Elon Musk person of the year in 2021. What say you? If you want to know more about how they choose you’ll find that info in the link here. If you were choosing, who would be your person of the year? 

I don’t have an issue with them picking him; he does what he says he’s going to do, he doesn’t mince words, and he’s one of the very few people who seems to be innovating. I don’t know if I’d have anyone else better in mind.

3. I read here ten habits of extremely likable people which include-they greet the world with a smile on their face, they ask questions, they’re consistent, they put the phone away, they remember names and use them, they keep an open mind and don’t pass judgement, they’re authentic, they’re kind and generous, accountable for their mistakes, and they send thank you notes.  

So, are you likable-lol? Which one of these habits could use some further developing in your own life? What is one habit/quality you’d add to the list? 

Hmm, I can say that I definitely try to do these things. My husband sort of got on me the other day because sometimes I come across as both disappointed in the entire world and cold-hearted so I know for sure, I want to work more on all those. I actually find those traits to be admirable and worthy of striving towards but it certainly takes effort!

4. One non-holiday related task/job/goal/dream on your to-do list that you hope/plan to make happen before the new year rolls in? 

Well, I have to keep consistently running. I’m training for a 15k in early February. Yesterday I ran three and today I did four. I think I have to go four on Thursday and six on Saturday before we go on a little vacation so yeah, that has to all get done!

5. Share with us some of your holiday plans. 

I got most of the actual holiday-type plans done this past weekend, with three parties, one of which we hosted. But now, all I have to do is: wrap gifts, buy a couple more, go on a little vacation, and just have Christmas. We’re going to Busch Gardens starting Saturday so that’s fun.

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

I am always a little off-kilter during the holidays. Perhaps it’s the swing between all the joy and excitement mixed with spending too much money and – for me at least – the thought that January is always so depressing. It’s gray and cold, boring, I’m poor, and it just drags on and on. But maybe, since I have a sort of new outlook lately, as referenced in #3, I can tackle things differently in 2022.

Today, I’ve tried to get my day going as productively as possible: used my neti pit, took a shower, fixed a problem with my Roomba, and now I am grading and tying up loose ends. I don’t feel particularly great and I know it’s partly holiday season plus hormones. I realized this past weekend that I tend to bottle everything up inside, whereas I used to be very emotional. In fact, I accepted the fact that I’d probably be crying at least a couple times a month. But maybe in the last ten years, I hardened my heart and said ‘nope, I have to be tough’. But now I think that may have been detrimental. So yeah, I have to let myself be cracked open every now and then and allow for the pain, sorrow, and even happiness to flood through me. OK, I know that sounded hokey and cheesy but hey, you get the truth over here on this blog!

3 thoughts on “Wednesday ‘podge – Both out of sorts and getting it together

  1. I’m 63 and I love the new age chart! I don’t feel old and I agree, 63-75 seems much younger these days. You might be right – we didn’t have as hard a time as the generations before us PLUS hubby and I both exercise and try to eat healthy meals.

  2. Well I have been overly emotional this month too for a few reasons, but I’m just letting myself feel what I feel. A little getaway sounds like fun right now. Enjoy that time away and Merry Christmas!

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