MMMM + All partied out

It shouldn’t bother me that my sister said “rich people stuff” when I told her we hosted a Christmas party Friday and then attended two others on Saturday. You don’t have to be rich for either of those things; it’s just Christmastime! That is clearly more of an indication of her own personal shortcomings or concerns rather than an issue we have.

Anyway, our big party was a success. When I had the idea months ago to begin a Christmas party tradition, I didn’t know how big it would get or how we’d really make it our own but thanks, mostly in part, to my husband, it went very well. People brought desserts, I decorated and made hot apple cider and hot chocolate, as well as two charcuterie boards, and Ash’s ugly sweater contest was a true hit. I was amazed at how many people participated! In fact, everyone came wearing something festive. The photobooth had some glitches but you live and learn. Now we know how to improve for next year. But that will indeed be the next party I’m throwing; nothing in between!

On Saturday we had two soccer practices in the morning and then Elliot had his first winter season game where he finally scored a goal. He’s not a bad soccer player but he’s not necessarily a scorer. As this was his first game since April when he broke his leg in-game, I feel like that was a huge win for him. Once done there, we went up the road to the Brew Club holiday party and THEN we went to our girl scout friends’ party, where we drank and sang Christmas songs down in their rec room. That was definitely not my scene but I ended up liking it nevertheless.

I was EXHAUSTED after all that and did little on Sunday, aside from laundry, cleaning, and football.

Let’s segue into the songs by picking ones we had a good amount of fun singing at the party we went to:

4 thoughts on “MMMM + All partied out

  1. Your party sounds marvelous! I’m happy it was such a hit with everyone. Sadly, your sister doesn’t know what she’s talking about and I’m very glad you didn’t let that sway you to not go through with your plans. This is the seasons for making merry. It’s a celebration and it’s the one of the year when many people put aside some of their bitterness to take part in the festivities. Now, if only those individuals would allow Christmas to live in their hearts all year thorough. Thanks for sharing such fun Christmas classics! Enjoy the holiday season, my dear!

  2. We need fun more than ever! What was your sister thinking? Enjoyed your two classics. I think a lot of us are thinking of “Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer.” Silly and timeless. Alana ramblinwitham

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