Friday Five – I can and will do all this

  1. I don’t know about you but when I have a task I don’t particularly want to do, I’ll do everything BUT that. So yesterday, knowing I needed to grade, I cleaned the brewing equipment, rearranged the beer fridge, and began gutting my daughter’s trainwreck of a room. I did major cleaning: getting rid of toys she doesn’t play with, old clothes, and anything she shoved under her bed. She’s not really good at the cleanliness thing and the horrors I found under there – yikes!
  2. This morning, same thing for me. I have some conferences and I now need to get Elliot’s now-fixed bike out of my car and put the give-away stuff in and take it up to the church thrift place. I would Goodwill it but I feel like this churchy place just cares more about people, you know?
  3. Both my sons were in bad places this morning. Ell couldn’t find his sweatshirt and it was 56 so he needed it. He was having stomach issues as well and when he got to school, he didn’t want to go into the bathroom because he thinks seniors will be in there trying to force drugs upon him. He did solve his problem, however, by going to the clinic and using the single stall bathroom. My middle boy called me in the middle of cross country practice to tell me his shoulder hurts. And he said his coach had him call me to see what I wanted to do and I said, “Tell the school to reinstate locker usage because it appears to hurt RIGHT where your heavy-ass backpack sits.” I’m a stellar mom, right? If it had been an ankle or foot problem, I would have said to sit out practice but an arm? Come on.
  4. So yes, I plan to tackle the big grading/work related project once my student zoom calls are done. So far, I have started sheets washing, swept and mopped my room and bathroom, and vacuumed Dakota’s room. I’m really still on that procrastination train!
  5. Hopefully, once I am in that mode, I will make a list and get organized. We have a lot coming up – as well as I have a lot going on in my three face to face courses – and once I can visualize it calendrically (is that a word?) then maybe I won’t feel so wrecked!

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