Random Wednesday

  • Man, I don’t know when I am going to get a break but I am just busy all the time. Yesterday morning, I left right after my son went to the bus and did my 20 minute sprint routine. I decided to try using the sauna right after, as some people say that’s a good time to do it. I did only 20 minutes (I had been doing 30 before bedtime) and it was good; refreshing in a way. Oh, did I not mention we bought a sauna? It got delivered Friday and we were able to get it all built and set up Saturday. So far, it’s been great. The first two nights, I slept better than ever!
  • I was down 9 pounds from my wedding weight the other day (the seemingly rational marker for weight loss, since I hadn’t seen THAT since, well, 2005) but this morning, thinking I’d be that same weight, I was up a couple pounds. I was thinking that after the run and sweating my butt off in the sauna, I’d be lower but alas, I must have drank a ton of rehydrating water and it made the difference. Oh well; numbers don’t matter as much as forward progress anyway.
  • Today is one of those days where I am both angry about the exceedingly stupid people in this world right now and also, insular and motivated to make my world better. It’s difficult to feel both of these; I struggle to put aside the hate and intolerance I’m feeling for these sheeple out there and do what I can do for me and mine.
  • On that note, my grandfather went to the hospital this morning. He is fine now but had a UTI and high blood pressure. Hopefully he will be released and ok soon. He is 95, after all, but I’d like him to hang in there a bit longer.
  • OK, I am just here, there, and everywhere and I need to do some decompressing exercises now so I’m out.

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