Friday Five – Does anyone still do a linky for this?

We used to participate in a Friday five or even further back, Friday Confessional. I loved it because I have always had the desire to tell people random info. LOL. So anyway, here’s five things!

  1. Final day of one one one Zoom conferences with my community college students and already, two have not shown up. Here’s a funny thing that happened: I have about 65 students and one girl emailed to say she skipped conference because she was exposed to covid and not safe. Um, this is online, sweetheart; you can’t transmit it through the computer! She’s either that dumb or the one out of 65 who didn’t understand that these were not in person.
  2. Do you ever feel this sort of tension in the day? Like, it just feels like people around you are on edge and it may explode any second? That’s how it is for me today. My day started with my daughter having to do homework she told me she did not have Wednesday, then us running a little late because of it. My husband seemed fine and happy but then work arose and he was a little contentious when I reminded him of a doctor’s appointment for our son Monday. So I just went ahead and rescheduled it.
  3. Speaking of appointments, Ash and I are both going to get antibody tests. If neither of us have them, I will be REALLY surprised. He went to a conference in Orlando at the height of Delta, where seven coworkers came back positive. And he got sick right after. I got sick right after the kids, who had been at camp during that same time of the summer when about 30 kids got sent home with covid. Plus, it all makes sense I’d succumb because they say when your are stressed, your immune system is weak. That was when Ash was out of town and the kids were sick, so of course I was stressed! So yeah, I am a little nervous about it but at the same time, relatively positive we already had it.
  4. We were originally going to go to World of Beer afterwards but two things are changing that: a.) if I have blood drawn, will I be ok to drink? and b.) we just had burgers last night and that’s pretty much all Ash would order. So after our little test, we’ll pick a lunch place then hit Costco. I am so glad it is Friday!
  5. Hopefully it will not rain much tomorrow because we have a birthday party to attend out at our friend’s lake house. I really want to go and just relax; jet ski, go tubing, drink and eat and socialize. You know it’s been stressful when even I, a known introvert, wants to hang out with people!

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