Thursday 13- Things my brain is working on right now

Sounds ridiculous when you say it like that but the brain is a computer and right now, mine is processing many things at the same time; my hard drives just crunching away. So here are 13 things circulating through my gray matter.

  1. Mint and dark chocolate Kit-Kats are going to be my downfall. I allow myself a couple treats, especially on keto days and OMG, these are so damned good. The combo of mint and chocolate is already amazing but these… ooh boy. I hope that variant dominates the Halloween hauls this year because I’m gonna covet them all to myself.
  2. I’m getting that itch again, to write bad WWE/AEW fanfics. I still think often of my favorite wrestlers and orbit around them in my socials. I haven’t really been super creative lately so maybe a quick oneshot would do.
  3. On that note, it’s Metallica month on XM because of the Black album anniversary. I love hearing all their songs on the radio ad nauseum but what I like more than that are the interviews. It’s so cool to get the back story on the music. Also – here’s where the tie-in is – I once wrote a James Hetfield fanfic and it’s getting a lot of hits this month. Is this… the next generation caring about things I do? This warms the heart.
  4. I got to working on my battle jacket again. This is my creative outlet as well. I find that I can sew a couple patches while listening to music, in the very room that the kids are watching a movie or my husband is watching youtube.
  5. I ran a fast mile today instead of sprinting and I’m waiting to see if there’s any fallout, body-wise. Lately, I have been pretty sore from regular running. But I think we’re all going to run the Thanksgiving race so I had better prep myself.
  6. I made one of those Mexican salads I mentioned the other day and man, I just love them. Spring mix and spinach, sour cream, guac, salsa, grilled chicken and I also threw on some queso . All keto, all high fat but not bad fats. I also ate 4 chicken wings. This is legit my favorite make at home meal lately.
  7. I realize how important my morning routine has become to me. So normally, Elliot is up the earliest, since the bus comes around 6:20. From that time until Dakota emerges from the shower about 50 minutes later, I have silence. I drink my coffee and catch up on a couple youtubers I like who give me the quick and dirty on the current political/covid situations. The kids are off today for “Fall holiday” (let’s just say it’s the Jewish holiday, ok? No one should be offended by that!) and they were up before me – I got to sleep in a little! – but when I got downstairs, I was bombarded with requests and they were watching a movie. Ugh.
  8. Last night I made two batches of keto french fries for later tonight. Everyone says freezing them ahead of time makes them better so we will see. I know that eating regular fries now and then isn’t going to set me back too far but I also want to experiment with other options. We probably eat solely keto about 3 times a week and so far, it has kept us on a path of continually losing pounds. So we’ll do burgers – on keto buns – with these fries and a sugar free ketchup. Kids of course will get the regular stuff but this makes me feel good about today’s one meal. And tomorrow? Non keto, all the way. In fact, I may suggest lunch at Carrabba’s!
  9. These kids are stressing me out today; they had a list of things to accomplish before taking Dakota over to her friend’s house but they just keep bickering and asking me to help them. Nope, sorry. I am in the office which means, I am working.
  10. Months ago, I read a book by one of my new favorite authors, JT Geissinger, and it was fantastic! The heroine, Sloane, was mouthy and funny, and the hero, Declan, sour and exasperated (these are my favorite kinds of pairings) and I just loved their chemistry. Got to the end and saw that there was going to be a part two to their story but not until October! I hate waiting! But I realized this morning that October ain’t that far away. Winning!
  11. I put up some Fall decorations the other day to get into the spirit of the season. Of course, here in Florida, we’re still experiencing some heat and mostly rain. It also means we can still swim, which doesn’t vibe with Fall feelings, does it? But hey, it’s a start. I usually do fall stuff in September then exchange a couple for Halloween stuff. Almost time to get spooky!
  12. I think it’s time to get more serious about free weights. I have lost so much weight but need some toning. Nothing is going to fix my trainwreck of a belly, given three kids, but maybe I can work on my arms, etc.
  13. Ash has been working on his fantasy football video stuff he and a friend do together and the hours he’s spent remind me that we are exceedingly busy right now. I kind of need a vacation, and I am only a month into this semester!

2 thoughts on “Thursday 13- Things my brain is working on right now

  1. How do you suppose the Keto diet would do for someone with an ulcer? I have very few foods I can tolerate at the moment but am not losing weight. Obviously “eating only what will stay down” is not a good diet . . . good luck in your race!

    1. Hmm, not entirely sure but I watch a number of people on youtube who might know the answer: Sten Ekberg, Dr. Berg, Dr. Fung, and Thomas Delauer. I’d search their pages to see.

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