Thursday 13 – Summer comparisons

In 2017, I wrote this post about Summer things I wanted to do. Today I want to talk about why this summer is so insanely different, just four years later. My kids are very different and our lives have changed, for better or for worse. I’m going to post the ones from there then break down if we still do it:

1.Take the kids out to Bradley’s Country Store and let them pick out old-fashioned candy.

Sure, we could, but they are not all home. Ash is going out of town soon and maybe we’ll make a trip for something to do?

2. Eat lots and lots of popsicles! There’s just something about one of these that makes a summer day more bearable.

Haven’t gotten these in a while and honestly, they haven’t asked! The youngers get them a few times a week at camp so maybe that suffices.

3. Take neighborhood walks. When my kids were younger we took WAY more walks. We’ve been a little lax about it lately. It’s time to get back to it.

Ash and I do still walk but family walks? Nope. Granted, Elliot just recently started walking without the boot and yesterday, he got clearance to keep that up for a few miles at a time.

4. Get my lawn in order.

Now that my boys can mow, ours is not too bad. And to be honest, once Ash did the edging at the curb and trimmed the hedges, our yard looks a lot better. It grows like crazy with this rain but we’re keeping up!

5. Buy elderflower liqueur. I had gotten really good at making slightly fancier gin drinks but the more I delve into recipes, I find that people are using this in SO many. I enjoy crafting drinks and the warmer months are perfect for finding refreshing libation.

Ha! I never did do that. I’m still more of a beer person but I have been drinking Buffalo Trace with Ash; the only bourbon I can stomach.

6. Buy a bubble machine. Koda had one last year but it didn’t last very long. She loves this thing and I don’t think being one year older will mean she won’t still get a total kick out of it.

At almost 8, the bubble machine no longer entertains her, sadly.

7. Work on my tan. This is a year-round thing in Florida but if you read my blog at all, you know I’m like Superman – I recharge based on the sun. I’m careful, mind you. I use about a 30 spf on most of my body and a much higher one on my face. I stay out for only 20 minutes at a time. but slowly, my skin regains that darker, healthier hue and my overall mental state is corrected.

I did sit out early on in Summer but have not lately. I finally worked up to buying a two-piece suit because I lost weight; now I just need to go out there and get after the sun! But it keeps raining and that is not conducive

8. Get to that beach. Obviously.

We went twice but I need another day. Thinking not this coming weekend but the one after.

9. Take a few trips to Pensacola.

We did go right before our Texas trip but our next actual plan is not until September.

10. Throw a party. 

We did! Ash’s make-up 40th was a huge success and I am glad we did it.

11. Eat seafood!

Not feeling that compulsion, though a couple weeks ago I had a shrimp and scallop thing at Harry’s and it was so good!

12. Get to the public pool.

Don’t need this anymore! Admittedly, our pool is down for the count right now until we swap out the sand in the filter. Sand acquired; tool to unlock lid coming today.

13. Slow down my life.

This summer has felt alternately VERY busy and VERY slow. Sometimes in the evenings, we are just sitting, reading or watching movies and I feel almost bored but it is in direct opposition to what my day was like: driving kids here and there, walking, working, etc. So I don’t know if I need to really slow down as much as I did before.

4 thoughts on “Thursday 13 – Summer comparisons

  1. Slowing down a life can be quite difficult. So can speeding one up! It’s hard to find the rhythm sometimes.

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