Random Tuesday – I’m a bit lazy today so here ya go

  • So glad I am not taking that stupid course again this week! OK, it wasn’t that stupid but so much of it did not apply to me because I teach for their Corrections program and while these people discussed changing courses and syllabi, I don’t have the luxury of doing that; I have to follow theirs almost to a tee. So the concepts were interesting for me but not relevant. I was deathly bored listening to these people drone on; the course in general has been informative but some of the stuff was just killing me. I wanted to do something else!
  • My brain is back to feeling relatively normal and not in panic mode. I actually think last Thursday did me good. I had a nice salad in the afternoon and then later, Ash brought me home a slice of pizza after hanging out with the guys. We drank some beers before he went and though we have been drinking a lot less often, I think I needed that. I had some beer, played some SilverStrike bowling, and just chilled. And also, Saturday helped. Our friend’s son was turning 13 and they had it at the local bowling/arcade/food place and we literally had fun all day. To avoid overspending, we pre-drank here and then had just one beer there. Once the party ended, our boys went home, our daughter went to their house to hang with her friend, and we adults went back to Deep for a flight. Good times,
  • I had a pretty crappy dream last night: I was meeting my old boss for lunch – oh, and I still worked at that shitty job – and she and I were trying to outrun a huge wave that was flooding the entire area where were amongst, what seemed to be, a parking lot full of cars. As we ran, she reminded me I’d need to let my awful supervisor know I was leaving or I’d be in trouble and I repeatedly dialed her phone number but could never get ahold of anyone. I’m not sure what this means other than I have some deep-rooted issues with that old job!
  • I have decided that I am never going back to school. I don’t need another Masters or a PhD; there’s no point and I just don’t have it in me. I always said I’d be a much better older student but I don’t think I want to do this. Who needs it anyway? I have experience.
  • My husband is the one in the funk this week; the way he’s working now, just three days a week, makes him feel like he doesn’t have a real purpose. I get it; I’ve been in that place before. So he feels stagnant. I hate when he’s the one in a rut though. I deal better with myself being in that spot. I know it’ll pass for me.
  • Conversely, I do feel a little disconnected from my students this term. I have about 65 active prisoners (and about 20 who don’t do work) and about 36 other online people and this time around, I’m just torn in so many directions that I can’t keep up. I feel like I’m just going through the motions. I can’t help but think it would be different if I were alone all day. I have Ash home 2 days a week and Elliot is home all the time now. Too bad almost all camps age out at 13. Who decided that was when kids stopped needing fun?
  • The pool is my source of stress now, though we are well on our way to fixing it. We ordered sand for the filter and I got the wrench that opens the lid. Now we just have to empty and refill. Ha! JUST have to… like any project is ever easy, you know? It’ll frustrating as hell and full of strife but here’s hoping it will fix our problem!
  • I cannot believe we are this far into July. Kids go back to school on August 11th and before we know it, I’ll be back to that whole rigmarole. Three kids in three different schools!

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