Thursday 13 – Bring on Summertime

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Waaay back in the day, I participated in this blog hop and in doing my research, it seems like it died out but then a couple folks revived it. I loved this one so here goes.

My topic for this week is:

Thirteen things I want to do this spring and summer.

  1. Take the kids out to Bradley’s Country Store and let them pick out old-fashioned candy.


2. Eat lots and lots of popsicles! There’s just something about one of these that makes a summer day more bearable.



3. Take neighborhood walks. When my kids were younger we took WAY more walks. We’ve been a little lax about it lately. It’s time to get back to it.



4. Get my lawn in order. It used to be so nice and then out of nowhere, it began to die! I don’t even like talking about it because it frustrates me so much. Before we move, I have to hardcore tend and patch, etc.



5. Buy elderflower liqueur. I had gotten really good at making slightly fancier gin drinks but the more I delve into recipes, I find that people are using this in SO many. I enjoy crafting drinks and the warmer months are perfect for finding refreshing libation.


6. Buy a bubble machine. Koda had one last year but it didn’t last very long. She loves this thing and I don’t think being one year older will mean she won’t still get a total kick out of it.



7. Work on my tan. This is a year-round thing in Florida but if you read my blog at all, you know I’m like Superman – I recharge based on the sun. I’m careful, mind you. I use about a 30 spf on most of my body and a much higher one on my face. I stay out for only 20 minutes at a time. but slowly, my skin regains that darker, healthier hue and my overall mental state is corrected.


8. Get to that beach. Obviously. Now check this out: my husband made me a deal last night. If we skip watching the wrestling pay per view on Sunday, we can hit the beach. We went a few weeks ago but it was super cloudy. Sadly, my oldest son’s first reaction was “Ugh, I don’t wanna go to the beach!” He’s always so annoyed by the sand and the drive (it’s only 55 minutes). Either way, I’m going to make sure this happens.



9. Take a few trips to Pensacola. I just saw my mom this past weekend so we’ll need to wait a bit but I love that my parents now live in that coastal town. And town is right; I always thought it was a bigger place but honestly, only about a quarter the size of Tallahassee! I enjoy going because it’s different and they have a million places to eat and drink. It’s always a nice time. Here we are at the Pensacola Bay Brewery.



10. Throw a party. We did this a couple summers ago (and many other times) and with the kegerator, it’s always a hit. The only problem is picking the right time so that the majority of people can attend. I know not everyone will but I always want a big turnout.



11. Eat seafood! There’s just something about water, sun, and seafood that go together for me. 3/5 of my family don’t like it but I do and want it in mass quantities. Either we’ll find some places that offer other dishes or Elliot and I will go out just the two of us and feast – because he loves him some shrimp.



12. Get to the public pool. We don’t own our own pool just yet but one of our local public ones serves us just fine.



13. Slow down my life. Granted, summer can sometimes feel crazy with vacations and other activities but I want to take time to live moments as they arise, be mindful of the present, and to appreciate everything I have.




7 thoughts on “Thursday 13 – Bring on Summertime

  1. An admirable list indeed. We might have some summer coming our way here. too, if the last of these damn snowdrifts would finally melt away & maybe a tree would bud or something.

  2. I grew up next to a penny candy store AND the beach, but I still need that bubble machine to make life complete.

  3. I love the candy store, and I too like those flavor-ice pop stick thingies. I especially like the blue raspberry ones. Dang. Now I want one! Thanks for joining us – again – in Thursday 13! Hope you stick around!

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