Friday Five – Feel like the walls are closing in

  1. I’m writing this Thursday because Friday, I have way too many things planned: oil change, hair cut, working on the pool pump. Later on, Ash and I are going to Shula’s. I am super pumped but also weirded out; I have not liked the last few steaks we’ve had but I don’t think it’s because they were bad. It’s me; my tastes or something. But I know the one from that place will be amazing. I still dream about one I had there in 2010.
  2. I am staring down the end of summer, oddly enough. Things ramp up next week with Ash at a conference, Ell having a sleepover, making plans with some friends, then soon as he comes back, my parents come this way because my sister and her BF and the two of us are going to Jacksonville. Originally it was for a concert but that go postponed but we’re still going! It will be interesting to go places with them, as opposed to the trip we took with my parents. For now, our plans loosely revolve around IKEA, Chuy’s, and beer. LOL.
  3. On Wednesday, I was looking at only one confirmed class at TCC and then the dean called and I ended the call with 4 confirmed classes! I am stressed but maybe it’s for the best. Certainly money-wise it is. I won’t like driving to campus all 5 days but it is what it is. It’s my job and I got spoiled by staying home.
  4. BUT now I just got hired by a small college in Ohio for a couple online English courses. It was a great little meeting with their assistant dean – nice guy – and I got hired on the spot. It’s all that experience, I tell ya. I’ve been teaching since 2004! I am elated because Fall won’t be so bad now. And I can probably drop one of those TCC classes. I’m thinking the later MWF because then I can leave by 11 on that day.
  5. OK so lots changed since yesterday! I did end up dropping that one other class so I only had 3 at TCC. After I got hired, I was in such a good mood that I banged out the haircut and oil change then came home to clean up some. Took Dakota to piano, got home and we started on the pool project, only to finally throw in the towel and call someone. Waiting to hear from them now. Got one kid home today; he ran a fever but isn’t now, though he has a sore throat and just feels run down. I get ya, buddy. I get that sometimes too. If it’s not one thing it’s another!

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