Random Wednesday and Thursday – Sometimes I… forget things

  • OK, click the link and just listen to the first two things. I used to play that card game online and we still quote that character because hey sometimes I do forget things. And today I feel like I can’t quite remember all I have to do. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aLMXLvgTM4A
  • The other day, I was very productive: I took both boys to the dentist then the youngers to camp. We rented a carpet cleaner and I did the two area rugs downstairs, which was really the only ones I wanted to do. Plus, I would not lug that thing upstairs. One fill only got 3/4 of each 10×8 rug so I’m not sure that’d be worth it. But at only 22 bucks to rent, ok. Not bad. I was so proud of all the work I got done prior to this past weekend’s party but now, I am in this other weird rut where I don’t feel motivated. Or aware.
  • I’m in a class this week that is essentially professional development. A lot of it is stuff I already know or acknowledge as an instructor who has taught both in person and online. The folks running this are astounded by virtual learning during covid as this NEW thing but funny enough, I feel like I’ve been well aware of this for a long time.
  • My daughter isn’t feeling great today and running a low grade fever. My oldest says his stomach hurts. I don’t know what’s going on but I definitely don’t need any more stress. Luckily, my awesome husband sent me such a kind and reassuring text today and that just turned my whole attitude around. (But I am still panicking about money, as I do in Summer.)
  • After my 3 day fast (and Ash’s 4 day) I feel like we both reached a stopping point. I’m not giving up or going back to regular eating – no way – but I find it difficult to go back to the hardcore, one meal a day, keto stuff. I am aiming now for 2 a day, one keto. This is a really nice balance, I think. You go crazy if you cut out too much.
  • This class feels like it is going on forever. It started at 9 and it’s only 12:20 but I am losing my mind. Thankfully, I have a break from 1-2:30 but then I have to do a one on one with someone for an hour. My brain is fried!
  • Having done a lot of research now on what is bad for your health, stress is pretty much #1. Sadly, I feel like I am in the worst stress place for myself so far this summer. I know I’ll be ok in a little bit and this initial panic will pass but right now, I just feel like a big ball of tension.
  • OK, about five more minutes left in this class and I can break for a bit. I am going to eat hard boiled eggs and some other keto foods and just woo-sah my way to clear mind.
  • OK, it’s Thursday now and yesterday I was in a very bad mindspace and once Ash got home, I was just done. Weak and tired and feeling defeated. So we poured some Buffalo Trace and watched a dumb spoof movie and after that, I felt better. Especially because Dakota started feeling better and the boys went to the youth group thing with friends. It was a nice evening and no complaints.
  • I’m about to launch into day 2 of this summer institute thing for work and I really do not have it in me but I’ll make it. I have a cup of coffee, it’s sunny out, and I am feeling much stronger today, mentally.
  • I had to cancel a plan I had for the end of the month. I was originally going to go for a couple days to Orlando and hang out with Ash during a conference. But everything will be so limited and locked down I’m not sure it is worth it. To me, it was a relief but it made the kids sad because I’d set each of them up to spend two nights at friends’ houses. I told them they still can but I’m just not leaving town. Might plan a beach or pool day with friends though so that’ll be cool.
  • I realize why I am stressed and annoyed by being in this course: I like to multitask and I feel like I can’t quite do that because the instructors do enough things I have to be involved in. I want to get other stuff done while I’m listening but I just…can’t. I’m doing my best to grade when I can but it feels like a lot coming at me.
  • Do you ever feel like you had a vacation or break but you still feel beat down and in need of… something? That’s how I am now. I was on vacation, it’s summer so I am less busy, and I have had lots of fun doing friend things. And yet, I feel so put out for some reason. I wouldn’t call it a funk, but it’s a phase I suppose.

2 thoughts on “Random Wednesday and Thursday – Sometimes I… forget things

  1. I’m glad your daughter is feeling better but I’m sorry you are in a “funk phase” — I hate those days. My husband always wants to fix it but I try to tell him that he can’t fix it! Hang in there. It sounds like you know it will pass – just might take a day or two.

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