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  • Been having some stuffiness lately and it seems odd simply because since I’ve been eating keto and fasting, I’ve not had any problems. At all. I can only surmise that it could be weather related. It’s supposed to be rainy here and there for the next few days.
  • I finished a book called Tales from the Beach House the other night and it was the first regular fiction book – not romance – I’ve read in a while. Aside from some odd phrasing this author used, I really enjoyed it. But now I’m back on my BS and reading a romance. LOL.
  • As mentioned in a previous post, I just feel off kilter lately. Don’t know if it’s the lack of sports now or the end of the kids’ school year but adrift is the word I’d use. I may need to sink myself into a hobby here soon or maybe write fanfiction again. Though I have no current interests…
  • I just took my son some breakfast and realized that, were I not a work-from-home parent, we’d both be in a bind now, with this broken leg. There’s no way he could get up and down stairs and get all his stuff together in this condition. And my old job would NEVER have allowed me to take off so much time. Sure, it would probably be under the FMLA stuff but omg my old boss would have flipped a table. It’s a nutty situation we’ve been in since he broke it but thankfully, that horrible place is behind me. And yes, I know it’s been the better part of almost 2 years since I left but when you worked at a place for 13 years, it was ingrained into your soul.
  • On that note, and as mentioned in Wednesday’s post, I know three people who recently left FSU for better jobs – one went to OSU and one went to NASA, of all places! And good for them. I know the feeling of needing to escape.
  • It’s been nice to feel “normal” again, now that mask mandates are basically over. Even the strictest places dropped the signs. Well, Publix has it up with a taped piece of paper stating what DeSantis said and that they still encourage them. The best part though is how I already knew masks did very little to nothing at all but anyone who still did believe in magic is probably losing their minds now that their lord and savior Fauci has also said this exact same thing. It’s all a real hoot, if you ask me. I could see through the BS all along but I am also, and have always been, a skeptic.
  • I saw a video clip of a guy who tattooed “Covid survivor” on his leg. Congrats! You survived an illness with, for his age group, had a 99% recovery rate! Good job, asshole.
  • Ok, sorry, I am getting off on a ranty tangent. Honestly, I have been avoiding most news because it ain’t good. Not prices of goods or policies being made or foreign affairs; it’s all pretty trash. So I just stick to myself and try to be happy in my own life.
  • Going back to yesterday’s post and my concern over Isaac’s soccer stuff: he did not make Classic but he is once again in D1. To clarify, the levels go like this: recreational, D1, Classic, and Premier. It may have been a little early for Isaac to move up to Classic, but they did encourage him to do so. Looking at the kids already in it, he does have some work to do. He’s good at passing and knowing how to play his position but he needs to work on transferring leg power into his shots. He was kind of broken up about it but I explained to him how, in my day, we had to try out for everything and half the time you didn’t make it. It’s so easy now with sports where every kid makes the team no matter what. He got over it after that and will be happy to play again. Though he did say he’d never play again when he felt all disappointed. Same thing Elliot said after he broke his leg! But the plan is they’ll both just do D1 in the fall and move on from there.
  • OK SO, my meeting went fine! Thank God. This is the one where, last December, I found out the high school was “unhappy” with my and the college’s course and were about to cancel it if I didn’t produce world-class writers. They gave no expectations and I was simply teaching it as a college course – as I HAVE DONE FOR 16 YEARS NOW. Their expectations were over the top AND vague but it seems that they were happy with Spring. Yay! I hate feeling like I failed and had no idea I was in that position.
  • So yeah, I am done grading things for today and got my meeting over with and now I can focus on other stuff. I’m going to skim the pool and brush the crud to the bottom and then maybe eat. I’ve had only one meal the last 2 days and I feel great!

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