Wednesday ‘podge

From this Side of the Pond

1. Besides the flag, tell us about something red, something white and something blue from your weekend.

Red – the new bathing suit my daughter got. We went to Target Monday morning because the ruffly stuff on her old one got a tear in it. She got a bright red one with unicorns on it.

Blue – Blueberries! We went early Sunday morning to Jubilee orchards where we picked about 9 pounds of blueberries! And they are so good. I wish I could snack (I just don’t snack between any meals anymore) because I’d be eating these all day. BUT, they are ok on keto so when I can eat, I’ll be dumptrucking these berries.

White – Somehow this color is tougher. I never wear white and I can’t think of anything other than the mashed potatoes I made Monday. And those are only significant because it had been months since I ate them.

2. June is here and it’s National Give A Bunch of Balloons Month. Who would you give a bunch to if you could? Tell us why. 

Hmm, can I say a conglomerate of people? From scrolling through Facebook Friday, three people I used to work with at FSU recently got better jobs and moved on from my former workplace and I want to congratulate them all.

3. What are three adjectives you associate with the month of June? Something you’re looking forward to this month?

Bright, free, in-between. It starts to stay lighter even later, which I love. We don’t usually have school (it gets out a little later this year) so we are free of activities. And it’s the middle month of summer vacation, Sure, July is technically but by late June, we’ve settled in and it feels firmly IN summer, whereas late July you start to feel the impending school year.

4. Tell us about a time (besides the obvious Corona answer) when you felt stuck in second gear.

I guess when I was trying to plan an exit strategy from aforementioned old job. It felt like I’d never get out of there! Then Ashland and TCC came along and I managed to work out three part-time online jobs so I could quit FSU forever.

5. Sum up your May in fifteen words or less.

Soccer and Baseball and kid recovering from broken leg. Add on keto and Fasting = May.

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

I don’t know why it is stressing me out but I have not gotten Isaac’s fall soccer invitation. They were supposed to go out yesterday. I assume that even if he didn’t make a Classic team, they’d send the invite to stay in the division he’s in. So my assumption then is that he would get that email instead. Ugh. Again, why it is giving me anxiety, I don’t know.

Speaking of anxiety, I realized last night that when I think about having to drive to campus in the Fall to teach, I don’t want to. As much as I disliked Zoom, I also got really used to avoiding that drive and trudge to a classroom. Plus, I HATE doing office hours. So who knows what Fall will be like but for a second there, I got very averse to going back.

I cannot believe it is already June! Time is flying by at an alarming rate and again, giving me some anxiety. I’m not prone to it but yes, for sure, I do tend to stress. I want to find some new ways to eliminate those feelings. Not sure what will do it other than calming music or meditation. Looking forward to later this summer when our sauna arrives! I know it will bring many health benefits and, like Joe Rogan, I will attempt to get into a meditative state once inside.

6 thoughts on “Wednesday ‘podge

  1. It’s going to be tough to get back to driving places! For me, it’s meetings. It was so nice to just open my computer & sit in on meetings without getting in the car. [Sigh]

  2. I do think there are many adjustments to be made in the worlds of work and school. Can’t imagine how some of these young children will do after being online all year. Schools have been in person here, and my daughter has been teaching in person in PA too so I think a bit less of a transition. Anxiety can creep up on us. Take things bit by bit. Hope your son’s leg is healing well.

  3. Wow…our blueberries are just now appearing and probably won’t be blue for another month. Congrats on being able to quit the one job. Hopefully these others work well for you. I. miss my girls playing soccer. They played from the time you could play until the graduated. I miss it sometimes. So sorry about the broken leg. ouch. Hopefully you feel some peace soon and your son hears about soccer. My hubby has listened to some JoE Rogan stuff.

  4. Bathing suit and blueberries are a good choice. I like your three words. That worked on well for you with the jobs. Sorry about the broken leg. Good for you on the diet. ((HUGS)) on your random. Anxiety is not easy to deal with. I’m struggling too.
    Hope you have a nice weekend.

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