MMMM + When do I get a break?

OK, I shouldn’t complain because we had a really fun Saturday. As I write this, I am grading papers (yes, on a Sunday morning) because we plan to go back to where we had fun yesterday: our friend’s lake house about an hour from here. We got there a little after 1 yesterday because Isaac had a game in the morning. And Dakota had a game the evening before, which her team won! She has a pretty decent little baseball team but the 6-8 age range is iffy at best when it comes to reaction times. Anyway, I was happy to see them win because I heard their opponents were a good team; they were average.

Anyway, let’s backtrack to Thursday, when my son had his leg surgery. It all went very well; we had to be to the hospital by 5:30 AM and by 7:20 he was in the OR and they were putting flex nails from just below his knee to his ankle. I think we got home a little after 12:30? So that was not too bad. While he was in there, Ash and I did nice walk around the complex and even sat on a bench across from the kids’ old elementary school and just watched. He came out of surgery a little loopy but as the anesthesia wore off, he was ok – just tired and a little grumpy. He slept on the couch downstairs for a while then wanted to go upstairs. This was good because we had an NFL draft party that evening with about 12 people. It was fun and a much needed diversion. I kept checking on him but he was mostly just in and out of sleep.

Friday was probably his hardest day because he had to sit still and let the swelling go down so he was limited to his room. But it got a little better each day and he was able to sit up and watch Simpsons episodes and play his games. He has had his ups and downs, emotionally, that’s for sure. I even went and got him some ice cream last night, even though sugar does not help the bone healing process at all. But since we’d left him there most of the afternoon, I felt like he could use it. I mean, I cannot put my entire life on hold for him either. Before we headed to the lake, I got him a bunch of food, his pills, his pee bottles, and two water bottles. He was set! He said it was mostly fine but he just got bored. Once we were home and all, I sat in there and we just talked for about 30 minutes and he said, “I hope you know that just talking to me is really helping.” As much as I wish he had never had to endure this broken leg, it has helped he and I to get along a whole lot more than we ever did before.


OK so now it is Monday and I am trying to get back to “normal” but it isn’t going to be that for a good long while! Ell is doing alright but still needs help, obviously. My middle child woke up with a stomach issues; he seems to feel ok except he can’t keep anything down. I think it’s because we ate a lot of funky stuff the past few days. Though everyone else seems ok, we did eat random things at the lake house both days. I’ll relate some more stories about that Wednesday but for now, gotta go.

I wish I had something creative for you but I haven’t had any real interests lately, since I am playing nursemaid to one and now two kids. let’s dredge up a pop song (I know, right?) that even I liked a few years back. I hate most pop stuff but this one gets me going.

4 thoughts on “MMMM + When do I get a break?

  1. It’s a strain taking care of two under the weather children, for sure. But you picked a good one. I am not a fan of pop but there are certain songs that can get me out of most funks and this is one of them. Just so catchy and danceable. We all need catchy and danceable sometimes.

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