A to Z challenge – Day 26 (I made it!)

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Z is for ZZ Top

I think this one was a given; also sort of assumptive. I mean, not a ton of Z bands! I did think about Zakk Wylde of Ozzy fame but ZZ means more to me because of my dad.

I mentioned before that my father was what I’d consider a TV addict when I was little (so, in the 80s). He worked hard all day and watched TV at night. We had cable so as soon as Mtv was a thing, we watched a lot of music videos. Since he was also into music and the one who opened me up to all the classic bands, it was no wonder we also spent time watching videos together. The first one I really remember liking was this:

My dad often did their signature wave and I always thought he and I shared that.

I appreciate that this band was classic rock with a southern/Texas twist. Their sound was always pretty unique to me.

In the fall of 2019, when I went to a whole bunch of concerts, I also managed to see them live here in town. Ash and I took my parents and we had a pretty dang good time. Another one crossed off the list!

Their set was super minimalist and I can’t help but think it was just because Tallahassee is like that. But who knows?

One thought on “A to Z challenge – Day 26 (I made it!)

  1. I think I’m around your father’s age, so he probably remembers when ZZ Top first got famous in the early ’70’s (I think they had an album in the late ’60’s, too). They’ve been doing that for 50+ years now and they’ve never deviated from being a blues based power trio, God bless ’em….

    Hey! You made it! Congratulations!

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