Wednesday ‘podge – Taxing, stress, and K

From this Side of the Pond

1. What is something you currently find ‘taxing’? 

Planning trips for the summer around all of the sports. I know that sounds sort of priviledged but I am thinking quite a few people are planning trips, as is evident from there being zero rental homes on St. George Island the weekend of July 4th. My friend and I tried to jam in a multi-family beach weekend but it really is proving difficult. We might still find time but between the boys having soccer through mid-May (with one two day tournament mid-June) and Dakota having baseball through the end of May, plus six weeks of kids being in camp, we are having a difficult time. Though some stuff has come together as mentioned in previous posts: a quick trip to a friend’s lake house, beach weekend with a couple other friends, and a potential driving trip with my parents from Pensacola to San Antonio. Luckily, my dad has sort of taken the reigns on that one. He has it tentatively mapped out. Thank God; I find I am no good at planning a trip!

2. I’ve seen this question asked in various forms on several social media sites…you can only keep three-

coffee, jewelry, tacos, wine, books, dogs, chocolate, Netflix, make-up, leggings, cheese, cats

Which three do you keep and how easy or hard was it for you to decide?

Well, since beer isn’t on that list, it makes it a slight bit easier! To keep: Tacos, coffee, and books. I kept these because there is cheese on tacos so if I had to give another up, I could do that. I probably could give up coffee but it’s one of the things you can drink during a fast so I mean, that would be dumb of me. And if I am giving up viewing, then books are the natural alternative. And honestly, I don’t care about: dogs, cats, Netflix, make-up, jewelry or leggings so… easy choices! (I want to make sure you all knows: I do love dogs but want no more pets.)

3. Tell us something you know or have learned about forgiveness? 

That it takes time; for both you and the other person, no matter the situation. I was looking back through posts from, I believe, the summer of 2017. I made a good close friend of mine mad by something I said and she was very mad at me. More like, disappointed. And so was I; in myself and my poor choices. It was weeks before I felt I could even talk to her again and I was so embarrassed and sad about it. But we got over it, little at a time, and we are still good friends to this day!

4. What’s something you’d recommend that is often overlooked and under appreciated? 

Y’all, yacht rock. I’m talking, Kenny Loggins, Bertie Higgins, Toto, Christopher Cross and the the like. It’s such good music and has a fun upbeat vibe. We could all use more happy in our lives. Don’t sleep on this genre.

5. Give us a favorite word that starts with letter K and tell us why this is the one you chose. 

Keg came to mind first and I guess because we are homebrewers and we often use kegs. Not full sizers but Cornelius Kegs, which hold about five gallons.

6. Insert your own random thought here.

It’s been an interesting few days, from being not busy at all this weekend due to rain – all games canceled – to hanging out with good friends to getting back to keto and healthy eating, I feel pulled in many directions. Our new methods for longevity include cleaner eating – so, grass fed beef, organic, etc – and trying to reduce stress. That’s a tough one for me because I tend to hold onto feelings in the back of my head and in my body without even realizing it. I just don’t need any more stressors in my life. Monday night, I was feeling rather content. We’d taken Isaac to practice and the day had been successful. I got some stuff squared away for camp and a trip later in the summer. But then around 10:30 pm, an ambulance showed up across the street and my first worry was that it would be a kid, since they have two young children. And it was. The EMT carried the toddler out and after a bit, left with her inside. I couldn’t tell if the kid looked hurt. He carried her like you would any toddler. She looked like she may have been very ill to me but Ash didn’t think she looked conscious. We only met these newer neighbors once so I’d feel awkward asking but I do hope and pray she is alright. But it really did stress me out because it’s a child, you know?

Today I have a few student conferences and I have to go to the store for various things, including squaring away a cookie cake for my middle boy’s birthday. He turns 11 on Thursday but is having his party on Sunday. He’s kind of hard to shop for; we keep asking what he wants and he really can’t say. I got him a new, larger water bottle and we plan to give him a gift card. But he’s simple. Though his interests are varied, he knows he doesn’t need anything extraneous. He is definitely my kid!

Oh, btw, I am participating in the A to Z challenge this year. My theme is bands I love and why. I have been detailing artists that have had an impact on me. Check out my posts, if you have a minute!

7 thoughts on “Wednesday ‘podge – Taxing, stress, and K

  1. Your music listings made me think of the song “Sailing” by Christopher Cross, a feel good song for sure! I hope your neighbor is okay. Happy Birthday to your son!

    1. Someone left ‘Get Well’ balloons and a teddy bear on the porch yesterday so I hope she was just very sick. Will follow up if I ever find out.

  2. I hope your get your trips worked out. I like your three picks. It wasn’t easy for me to choose except for cats since we are allergic. Glad that forgiveness worked out between you and your friend. I guess keg would come to mind since you said beer wasn’t a choice for the three. I do like eating organic but stress is hard for me to get rid of. Hope that child is okay. Happy Birthday to your son.

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