A to Z challenge – Day 11

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K is for Kenny Loggins

Ah yes, K has proven difficult for me. Surprisingly few bands with a K but the ones I came up with – Kix, KISS, Kathy Mattea, and Katatonia – didn’t mean enough to me. So I went with Kenny because he sort of symbolizes all of “yacht rock” in general. Who knows what he is truly considered, genre-wise, but they play the heck out of him on the Yacht Rock XM station so we’ll go with it.

Of course we all know his songs from Footloose and Top Gun but my faves don’t even come from there. In fact, I’m not sure I even care for those two hits, to be honest, but it has to do with the overplay. Listen to the 80s channel on XM and the Footloose song will come on pretty often.

I wish I could truly find a way to describe how his songs make me feel. For example, This is it is just a truly upbeat song. I listen to it when I am running. I find this exceptionally funny because I mostly like hard rock and metal for a run because, well, it’s get ya goin’, but this one song just pushes me like no other.

This is one of my more recent discoveries, thanks again to XM, but it’s so oddly jaunty. This one has a weird sort of build and break I really enjoy. Take a listen:

And here’s one that has a sort of bluesy sound and I enjoy the heck out of it. I wish I could better describe this music but it just has a fun quality that I’m drawn to.

The fact is, he has many more songs that I really love but I won’t be sharing them all. Let’s just say this: if you haven’t really explored his songbook outside the movie soundtracks, then do yourself a favor and dive in.

6 thoughts on “A to Z challenge – Day 11

  1. I remembered Kenny from his work with Jim Messina, in his “House at Pooh Corner” days. What he did in the ’80’s was a lot different from what he was doing in the ’70’s, but I could see it was a progression from his early days. It’s hard for me to believe that he’s been at it fo over 50 years….

  2. I absolutely love Danny’s Song, and round about 2010 he crowdfunded a project album that put him back in touch with Messina.

    Other K musicians — Kenny Rogers (I saw him perform and he was delightfully engaged with the audience, obviously really enjoying what he was doing) and The Kinks. 🙂

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