A to Z challenge – Day 12

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L is for Lagwagon

This was another tough letter for me because I wanted each band or artist covered to really mean something. So I picked this band because they represent a time early on in my relationship with my husband. When I first met him, he was very much into punk music. And it’s amusing because before college, he didn’t much care about music. He liked what they played on the 98.9 type station- you know, 80s, 90s, and today – and was not into any real bands or anything. But once he got to FSU. he had a roommate who introduced him to loud and obnoxious punk genre.

In all actuality, the bands he listened to ranged quite a bit. Lagwagon is part of the Fat Wreck-chords group of California 90s punk that was very different from, say, 70s and 80s DIY stuff and even the pop punk made famous by a band like Blink-182. Also on that same label was a band Ash and I listened to extensively, Strung Out. But we never got to see them live… we did get to see Lagwagon. I don’t even remember what year – maybe 2000? – but Ash and I went to Ybor City to this venue whose name escapes me know. It probably held upwards of 800 people, all standing room, and the speakers for this concert were stacked to the ceiling. The opening act, the Vandals, were pretty awesome too but man was Lagwagon awesome. My ears rang for days afterwards! Wish we had pictures but you know, it wasn’t that easy back then. People didn’t have cameras on every phone and heck, not everyone even had a cell phone at that time!

One thing I enjoy about them is it is very well produced; clean even, considering the genre. A lot of their songs have great lyrics too.

It is clear that I like this album the most; it’s true. Their others are pretty good but this one, I listened to the heck out of. And time and again I go back to it. What I enjoy is that Ash and I can listen to this together and be entirely happy. There is not a lot of music that brings us together like that!

If this appeals to you at all, check them out. And while you’re at it, listen to Strung Out – Suburban Teenagage Wasteland Blues. That album perfectly exemplifies the Cali hardcore punk scene in 1995. No kidding.

Here’s a live vid so you can see what they were like. Pretty good live eh??

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