MMMM + Thanksgiving recap

I apologize but I did not avoid family, as recommended by the CDC. My parents and I have seen each other a few times during all this garbage and we were as safe as we could be. But I also don’t live in one of those authoritarian states. I am still amazed at how much those governors think they can tell you what not to do while at the same time, doing it themselves. How have people not rioted over that? It’s shocking really. But enough politics; I personally have avoided almost all news as of late, especially after I saw this one bullshit headline that said something to the effect of, “Video of Joe Biden singing a Metallica song proves we made the right choice.” First of all, I know he has no clue who James, Kirk, Lars, and Robert even ARE and second, don’t sully the good name of one the best metal bands of all time by connecting it to that nutbag. Kthxbye.

ANYWAY, Thanksgiving was good. We got on the road Wednesday about 10, arriving at (central time) 12:30ish. We had lunch and beer and finally, relaxing could begin. My mom took Koda up to Walmart because she forgot sandals and my dad took the rest of us to a store named Bambooze to buy funky beers. He surprised us by turning into one of their newest breweries, Coastal County. Glad we went when we did: literally no one else was there and we got to sit outside. They have a huge outdoor area so that was nice. We each got a flight and their beers were fantastic. That evening, we had spaghetti and my sister and her boyfriend came to eat as well. Sadly, both my oldest son and husband had stomach issues but luckily, the rest of us were ok.

The next day, we got an early start cooking. Well, around 9:30. Ash was still not feeling great but he still squeezed in a run. Mom and I got things going then my sister got there about noon. She made the appetizers (celery and cream cheese, stuffed mushrooms, deviled eggs) and we worked on all the other stuff. We had so much: turkey, ham, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, cornbread, field peas, roasted brussels sprouts, sweet potato casserole, and cranberry relish. I am fond of the canned stuff but this one from Fresh Market is the bomb. It was A LOT of food and after, we all sort of sat around being blah. LOL. The kids did play outside some but weather was not the best.

On Friday, we kind of hung around. Mom and I went to the store early then Ash and I hit up their thrift stores. Kids were careening towards meltdown and later, after we had tacos and watched Christmas Chronicles 2, they all lost it. Getting ready for bed, every one of them had their own sort of breakdown and the night ended in tears. Ah well, it happens! We got on the road about 10 their time and got home at 1:15 exactly, just as my ordered pizzas were arriving! That afternoon was very lowkey. The kids played outside with a friend and I really didn’t want to do anything at all. We did watch Live and Let Die, as that is the next Bond in the list. We’ve seen all up until that one now and let’s just say, they’re not all amazing. LOL.

Sunday, I woke up a little later than anticipated but still did about 4.25 miles. The weather was supposed to be rainy but it held off until much later. Actually, I felt like the day was good, even if it was super lowkey. I went to the store, we made burgers, then watched football. Kids played with friends. In the evening, Ash got annoyed with me but that’s ok; maybe we just needed to spend time in different rooms. He read his comic (he’s reading Spawn) and I read a book about Florida. It was good because when we went to bed, he was no longer mad. I get it; I’m almost always irritated and sometimes I don’t treat my family the nicest. But it was the end of a long 5 day holiday so I understand.


Well, I guess since it’s a freebie week and about to be December – can you believe it?? – I will post some Christmas stuff. I think I have posted this song every year but it’s a perennial favorite:

And here’s one of my all-time favorites. With the cold front moving in today (it’s going to be 27 Wednesday!) I am really feeling this. I hope that we as Americans can all start to enjoy the holiday despite what authoritarian leaders want us to experience. Think about all the stuff we’ve survived in the past! We can get through this crazy time too.

3 thoughts on “MMMM + Thanksgiving recap

  1. All this talk of pandemics, particularly in light of the actual facts, was meant as an excuse to vote Donald Trump out of office. Flip-Flop Fauci is starting to talk like the pandemic is all over, especially since he’s about to hit the jackpot with the vaccines. When this is all over, more people will have died from being locked in their houses than will ever die as a result of the virus.

    Two very beautiful Christmas songs. Our Music Ministry at church used to sing “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” at the sign of peace during the Christmas season, and it never failed to get to me.

  2. “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” is one of my favorite “modern” Christmas songs (OK, it’s nearly 80 years old, but that’s modern for a Christmas song). It’s been covered by so many artists since Judy Garland first sung it. It might not be a bad theme for a “Battle of the Bands” – you may have just given me an idea.

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