MMMM + Trying to only be positive

On Friday, I think it was, the number of people I witnessed wishing death upon a person they don’t really know was the nail in the coffin for me. I don’t believe in “canceling” people I disagree with but I had to snooze a lot of my Facebook friends because I couldn’t stand the awful trash that they spewed on each post. I think in the end, I was just so saddened to learn how morally corrupt some people have become these days. I vowed to only say and do positive things. So here’s what I did this weekend that was great:

  • Ran the best 3 miles I’ve done in probably a year. It felt comfortable and I wasn’t super slow. Despite my plantar issue, I would say the run was a success.
  • Organized a garage closet. We put up hooks and an organizational rack for brooms and rakes and stuff. Then we also blew all the leaves and debris from the drive and walk way.
  • I picked two huge jalapenos from my plants and made bacon wrapped poppers for myself for dinner Saturday. They were so good!
  • I successfully rerouted my dual enrollment students for their third paper. The pre-planned assignments were too narrow and problematic but I amended their options and now we’re conferencing topics. I think it’s a better direction in which to head.
  • I made a good choice about food today and have chicken, vegetables, and some Asian noodles at the mall. I feel like all I did this weekend was eat and drink so now I am back on a path to healthier eating.
  • I have been patient with my children and did a couple of things with them this weekend that they wanted such as throwing the baseball and having a fire Friday night. This cool weather is pretty awesome.
  • We put up our Halloween decorations, including an improved graveyard. I would show you a picture but I am upstairs trying to be quiet and not bother my husband who is napping. Suffice to say, I’m not letting Covid ruin Halloween.

OK so it’s a freebie week and man I tell ya, I have not been into anything new lately. Or really, anything at all. I don’t know what it is but I just feel so musically uninspired. So for funsies, I am just going to put my ipod on random and pick 2 songs.

3 thoughts on “MMMM + Trying to only be positive

  1. Kenny Loggins- This Is It (1979) I use to sing that in the car on the way home from work when I worked downtown, Chicago! That was a maniac trip everyday! People get crazy when they’re driving home from downtown. They don’t care who’s on the road they just want to go home! EEEEEEEEEEKKK! The world is getting crazier and crazier!!!! Stay safe, stay healthy and don’t forget that mask my friend!!! Have a great week!

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