Random Tuesday – Sullen, jerky teenagers, too much work to actually accomplish, and just generally tired

Stacy Uncorked
  • My son was in a craptastic mood this morning; we argued about lunch. He doesn’t want a pb&j and he won’t eat a Lunchable. He hangs out with some rich kid who he says has fancy steak sandwiches every day. I asked him for solutions to the lunch problem – potential foods I can buy for him – but he provided no answers, just dead ends. I hate starting my day off that way but good Lord, child. Why can’t we just discuss instead of argue? OH. Thirteen; got it.
  • But generally he is good. He had his second cross country meet last night and beat meet one’s time by 45 seconds. They held it at the golf course in my neighborhood so that was close and convenient. We’d never had it there before but truthfully, I hope they keep it on the schedule. Next year, Isaac will try to get on the team too and who knows – maybe my daughter in the future as well.
  • I am feeling way overwhelmed this week; lots of dual enrollment conferences leading right into my community college courses, and then all the grading I have to do for my other online course. And then I got access to my next 8 week courses so there’s THAT too. It’s a lot and I have gotten into a rhythm of being finished at a certain time on my fewer class days and doing other house household/personal things so I guess I’ll just have to reconcile that all day needs to be work instead. At least until I am caught up.
  • I don’t know what it was about the last few days but I have just been EXHAUSTED. Maybe just age or hormones or something but once I sit down and everything is done for the evening I am just flat out TIRED.
  • We are caught up on both The Boys and Raised by Wolves so there’s no other shows on my view list right now.  My husband is watching through this 26 part History Channel show about the final days of WW2 and I have caught a good bit of it. Whenever I see the horrible atrocities of that war, I want to scream at all the whiny people I see all day on the internet: it could be SO much worse. What are you complaining about??
  • Looks like our cool weather is about to retreat; it’s going to be low 70s/low 80s for a while which, hey, isn’t bad at all. But it isn’t low 60s which we got there for a bit. Even some mornings in the 50s. Fall is definitely on its way and I have been spending a lot more time on Pinterest just looking at pretty fall aesthetics.
  • I really did want one more pool weekend but I am guessing that’s a no-go. But eh, I am ok with just transitioning into Fall then Winter and hopefully, once the election happens and we all move further away from the horrors of 2020, we can start being “normal” again; whatever that means. But I think you all know what I am talking about right??

4 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Sullen, jerky teenagers, too much work to actually accomplish, and just generally tired

  1. I would like to tell you the random arguments are not there with an 18 year old, but I can’t. Our son is good, too, but some of the arguments are really strange sometimes!

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