MMMM + catching up since I’m a bad blogger

Well, it seems like I might be able to get back to semi-regular blogging. My husband is going back to work in a ‘one week in, one week out’ capacity so that helps. Not that I can’t write while he is here but we try to jam so much into our days. It’s work but it’s also stuff around here. I don’t know why I find it difficult to keep up here; it should be easy.

So, things here have been good. Last week, the kids went to the camp at the country club up the road. They played, tennis and golf then swam in the afternoon. Though it was only a daily 9-2 camp it was exactly what they – and we – needed: time away. I know some people are still going hard on the stay home stuff but here, we don’t have hardly any cases and a mere 8 deaths, 6 of which were all in the same facility. So anyway, they enjoyed going there and my oldest found that he enjoys golf quite a bit. And I am excited to hear him care about something other than Fortnite. Maybe now he won’t think his career is going to be “professional gamer.”

This week, they’re at a day camp at the prep school up the road. It sounded like a cool thing, with daily outings, but since the virus, they aren’t going anywhere except the local natural springs on Friday. But at least they’ll be busy all day! Seems fairly organized so that’s good. Meanwhile, it means I am finally in the house alone – and it is quiet!


This week, I’m choosing a song by Motionless in White. I knew of this band but hadn’t given them much of a chance. Turns out I like them!

5 thoughts on “MMMM + catching up since I’m a bad blogger

  1. I can remember those days of “get out of the house” and I only had one child! In New York State they are allowing day camps but not sleepaway camps, and a lot of children are going to miss the experience but at least a day camp gets them moving, off the computer games, and can introduce them to experiences, crafts, and more that they may learn to love. Enjoy the silence! (I’ve heard your song a number of times on Octane – I like it, too!)

  2. Loving the MIW vid! A blogger friend of mine’s daughter got the opportunity to photograph one of their concerts from the press pit, and she was so excited, as they are her favorite band. She’s well on her way to becoming a pro concert photographer, and I can say I knew her when…

    When my boys were little, we took advantage of day camp type classes offered by their school. They took cooking and something else; I can’t really remember what now. But they had a blast, and learned some new skills.

    I hope you’ll get to blog more going forward. I keep hoping it has a resurgence, and I love my blogger friends, but would also love to find more metalheads to read!


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