MMMM + Ready for normalcy and getting there

Honestly, a lot of my life does feel normal-ish. Fewer people are wearing masks. I’m sure someone will shriek this is bad but here, we haven’t had a lot of cases at all. If you’re worried, wear one. I’m not and thus, only do when an establishment requires it. Because that’s their prerogative and I understand that if I want to shop there, there are rules. If more people just used their brains – about everything going on right now – we’d all be in a better spot. /Endrant

So anyway, kids are officially done with school so they’re a little more open and free to do whatever it is they want. Thankfully some camps opened so we have 3 weeks set up for them soon. My husband is still home and they keep saying people are going back to the office but then they pull back. I know he’s ready for that. The one major thing we’ve done that is normal is going out to eat. Seems like the places are being very safe and clean. Breweries just reopened this week with a reservation system, which sounds good to me. Yeah it takes a little pre-planning but it’s nicer, really, than showing up and having a place be slammed. I like when there’s fewer people anyway.

Work is work and I’m plugging away at it. Day to day life definitely feels a lot different now but I won’t be using the term “new normal” anytime soon. It feels a lot like an offshoot of the crap that is the overreaction to everything. Along the lines of “stay home/stay safe” and “We’re all in this together.” While true, can we please stop labeling everything and coming up with catchy little phrases for things? It’s so disingenuous that I want to vomit. SO, sorry if these opinions piss you off. My blog, my ideas. And I’m over the bullshit.


I didn’t mean to go off on you. But I guess I’m tired of stuff. Aren’t we all??

For freebie week, here’s a couple songs I’ve revived lately as we’ve gotten in the pool more. Well, when it isn’t raining!

5 thoughts on “MMMM + Ready for normalcy and getting there

  1. Like you, I doubt that “normal” as we knew it will ever really be back. But it seems like things are *trying* to get back there. I think just with school being out, a lot of the stress of being home so often will abate.

    Loved your song choices! Kenny always reminds me of summertime!


  2. VERY COOL… I LIKES NO SHOES, NO SHIRT, NO PROBLEM! TOTALLY FOR IT! Have a great night my friend. As far as we’re concerned hey I’m happy staying home with the hubby for now. We play on the computer and watch some TV shows and walk the dog. Just totally laid back! The news gets in our way sometimes, but there’s some things you just gotta do. Have a great night my friend.

  3. Summertime is supposed to be a carefree time. Although I like to travel some I’m also a homebody – but I do want to get out there some. And I am sure tired of the slogans that don’t mean much, and the Amber Alert road signs that read “Wear a Mask! Wash your hands with soap!” I’d rather see “No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem”…guessing I won’t, any time soon. Anyway, hoping we can all return to a better place.

  4. Those are two of my absolute favorite Kenny Chesney songs!!

    I will be SO glad when school is finally done for my two nerds – I hate having to monitor their school time and make sure they’re getting things done, especially since things have changed to a pass/fail mode – if they get the assignments done, they pass, if they don’t, they fail. It’s stupid if you ask me.

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