If it isn’t one thing, it’s another

Checking in. I planned to write on Monday but then, I just didn’t feel like it. It’s been a weird week, honestly. Both good and bad. I did my budget and felt good about stuff so we bought a new rug and moved the older living room one to our bedroom, now that we have a new frame. But then I found out I reached my max number of courses at one of my online institutions so in the next 8 week term, I won’t be teaching. It will be fine but it’s annoying. It’s also been raining a ton, which we needed but it’s stopping my kids from going outside. Ugh.

At least we had a nice Memorial Day thing last Sunday, which was when our friends could hang out. (Don’t worry; we had 10 people so we weren’t breaking the rules.) We had burgers and wings and it was really fun. Normally we host since we have the pool and big back yard but they hosted and set up a slip n slide for the kids. We played Yahtzee and Taco Cat and it felt… normal!

This week I’ve been catching up on stuff. My oldest had a haircut on Tuesday and he and I had lunch together before and then picked up Sonic after. I’d been craving a cherry limeade and I am pretty sure the last time I had one, I was pregnant with my now 6 year old. Wednesday, my middle had to go by the school for leftover classroom items and yearbooks and then he and I had lunch together. My youngest will get her turn on the 6th when the menfolk are going out on a charter boat to fish.

Yesterday, we set out on a bike ride in the late afternoon, when the sun had finally come out. I wish we’d just turned around by the middle school instead of opting for the big loop. We were going down a slightly downward curve to a stop sign and I had to brake to avoid hitting my daughter, who was slowing down/stopping and I went over. I thought I flipped over the bike but I think I mostly went up and forward then left. It happened so fast, to be honest. I scraped my knee and shoulder, bruised my hands, along my forearm out from my elbow. The brunt of it was taken by the top left of my thigh.  I also shattered my phone screen, since I take it on rides not to use that alltrails app. The funny parts were: a. sunglasses didn’t break, even though they should have. and b. FedEx van was right behind me and though my husband thought there was a possibility he’d hit me, he was paying attention. He even stopped to ask if I was ok. I bolted up pretty fast since I was thinking already that we were trying to stay off the road. The part we were on didn’t have sidewalks and we were trying to get to where there were some. My main concern had been to shield my daughter from traffic and I ended up taking myself out! The bruise on my leg is pretty bad but feeling ok today after rest. I mean, I am not working out for a little while, that’s for sure! It’s pretty damn painful but hey, it is what it is. It’s a risk going outside your house every day, right? Sometimes, these things befall you and you just deal.

The other thing we’ve been dealing with is a creature under the house. It’s probably squirrels. We had a day where Isaac and I heard a bumping noise then a clawing right before the air came on. Then white insulation started coming out of the vents. We crawled under to find multiple gashes in the air ductwork. It definitely smelled like hamster cage under there so it has to be a squirrel. We have very few places anything larger could even get in there. We taped things up but I can still smell it so it’s an on-going irritating issue. Much like everything going on these days!

I’m feeling ok about the virus these days. Where I live, we don’t have many cases and we’ve still only had about 6 deaths, 4 of which were in a developmental center. So I mean, we’re kind of knocking it out of the park. I know that doesn’t make us invincible but it does make us safer in general. I wish it wasn’t a political battle. I think if this wasn’t an election year, this probably would not be such a huge deal. I’m sort of sorry adults are like this, to be honest. There’s a lot of fluff that gets in the way of people seeing logic and common sense. Sadly, we have to put our trust in those people because that’s how society functions. But again, out of my control so I’ll stay in my corner here and do what I need to do.

Anyway, that’s what I’m up to. How about you all??

3 thoughts on “If it isn’t one thing, it’s another

  1. They sell plastic owls at most hardware stores that you can hang where the squirrels run. Supposedly it scares them away, I think the squirrels just laugh their backsides off…

    I saw my doctor on Tuesday (annual checkup) and asked him how many Covid patients he’s seen. He said he and the other doctors had seen six cases, one of whom died (an 85-year-old woman with other health issues) and another went on a respirator mostly because the ER doctor panicked. Right now, it’s all about politics. Utter foolishness…

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