Checking in

It’s been a crazy few months, hasn’t it? I’m going to give you some bullets with what we’ve been doing/what has been happening.

  • My oldest got an early birthday present of a mountain bike so now we all ride. I got a nifty mount for my phone and I use an app called all trails to log our routes and it’s cool to see distance and pace. I mean, we aren’t trying to be fast or anything but it’s fun.
  • With restaurants opening we have been going out. We went out twice last week – sat outdoors – and then Ash and I ended up at Outback when Chipotle wasn’t open inside yet. I might be getting carried away was getting food – going in and takeout – but I am sick of quarantine food. I’d do awful in prison or the military!
  • Speaking of prison, though I only had one correctional class in Spring, I have three in summer and those kick off soon. Money, baby! But lots of grading.
  • We had a snake in the house! It was about 2 feet long but not too big around. After some sleuthing, I think we determined it was a mole kingsnake; non venomous. But still, I don’t want him inside! I have zero idea how he even got in, which is even more unnerving.
  • We went to the beach Sunday with friends – friends we’d already seen during the lockdown – and it was nice. We went to a place we’d not really been before and it wasn’t too crowded. The people on either side of us were a good 20-30 feet away too Got a wee bit sunburned but hey, is that even possible to avoid? Ash was even under the canopy the whole time and he burned!
  • We watched The Last Stand in its entirety. Pretty cool show and reminder of a time when I watched a lot of basketball. It was a different game back then, that’s for sure.
  • We got a roller thing for the pool cover. Not the winter one but the blanket that helps raise the temp during the night. While building it yesterday, the kids were playing in the pool and as my middle jumped on my oldest, he took and elbow to the face, resulting in a bloody nose and a chipped tooth! Luckily it chipped clean, the width of the tooth and about the size of a grain of rice. I called the after hours dentist number and she said to save it in some milk. This morning, they were able to rebond it to the tooth and here’s hoping it stays. She says that it typically does but you never know.
  • It’s raining! Honestly, we haven’t had rain in probably a month. It seems like anyway. Time does move differently now. Sometimes weeks pass slowly and sometimes too quickly.   I was outside on the deck the other evening and figured I’d call my aunt because it has probably been 3 or 4 week but my phone told me it was April 1st. It does not seem like it has been that long!
  • I’m sure other stuff has happened but hey, aren’t we all in a weird time? Anyway, just saying that I hope you are all well and that we come out on the other side of this better people.


One thought on “Checking in

  1. I can relate to a phone telling you the wrong day,I have an Old Pavilion DV7 computer that seems to have a problem with Windows 10 I swear the computer does not like it. the computer has Windows 7 Home Premium installed and I SWEAR the computer prefers that operationg system over windows 10. The computer was a Freebie so I can’t complain.👍👍👍
    Have a safetastic week 😷😷😷

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