MMMM + Fired up today

I’m trying not to be angry but I’ve reached a point in this stupid virus where I am more mad at the lock down than anything. We have almost 1100 deaths in Florida; this, to me, does not warrant crisis lock-down mode. Think about how many people go into say, Magic Kingdom in a day. I looked it up and it’s 60,000. Their MAX capacity is 100,000. So think about 1100 people dying. People die from various things ALL THE TIME; why are we cowering in fear because the government told us to? Does this not strike anyone else as absurd? After watching this video

I am convinced we’ve taken the wrong route.

Want to know what means the most to me? Immunity being built up by exposure. I remember when my children all started kindergarten and they had classmates who got sick all the time. Turns out, those kids didn’t go to pre-school; they never got exposed to the cesspool of germs that is a gathering of small children. But hence, my kids got to school and were very healthy. So to that end, the docs in that video reminded me of what I already knew of myself: I am around college-aged kids ALL THE TIME and in CLOSE QUARTERS. I rarely get sick. The last time I had the flu was when I was pregnant with my now almost 7 year old AND we had traveled (driven even) to Chicago at Christmas time. So think about that! So today, I just feel mad that MY right to choose to go out has been hindered. And yes, I know that it also puts other people in danger but that is the nature of our world ALL THE TIME. You leave your home and get behind the wheel of a car. You could potentially be a danger to all others. Every other car is a danger to you. You go to a concert with other people, there are going to be sick folks. You are all at that risk. And based on the numbers, I don’t see how this is any different. Highly contagious? Yes. But so are a lot of things and we don’t panic about them, do we? No, we panic because the news told us to. (Never forget: pandemic is just DEM surrounded by PANIC. Lol; sorry, couldn’t resist.)


WELL, now that you’ve all stopped reading my blog, let’s share the music. The theme is:  Angels in song titles or lyrics. This is the first song that came to mind and I think it came out because of Melrose Place? Remember that 90210 spin off? Yeah, it’s vague for me too.

5 thoughts on “MMMM + Fired up today

  1. It’s getting kind of ridiculous, really. Especially when you consider that they’ve found numerous cases where the person caught the disease and got over it months before anyone even knew it was an issue. More people die from the flu in a given season. Hell, more people are going to die of the flu this year than of Covid-19.

    I like the song.

  2. I liked the song, too; was new to me. I have a different point of view, as my developmentally disabled brother in law was released today from three weeks in the hospital with COVID-19 (and a near brush with the possibility of being intubated) and I got to see another side of this. This is NOT the flu, not yet.. It may eventually be like the flu, manageable by the health care system but with a certain number of deaths each year. We aren’t there yet and may not be for some time. If what happened in my native New York City had happened everywhere we would have had a totally overwhelmed health care system unable to treat anyone. You are right about one thing – we can not sustain what has been done so far to try to flatten the curve. We have millions unemployed and may see our entire food supply system broken in the coming days. So what do we do now? We’ll know in a couple of weeks if the gradual reopenings in several states works or leads to something terrible. We all hope it is the former.

    1. I agree that it isn’t the flu but my overall point is how we look at numbers. The media acts like this is unprecedented death, and it isn’t. I want clearer reporting. No, don’t treat the virus like tje flu but yes, stop acting like we are not already used to the fact that people get sick and die. THAT idea is not novel. Glad your brother in law is ok!

  3. Love that you chose The Heights, too! It was a great show, and an awesome song. 🙂

    My impression of COVID-19 is that it’s not like the ‘typical flu’ (and yes, many people die from that each and every year) but covid seems eerily similar to the 1918 pandemic. Hopefully we learned from the mistake of letting everyone go out and about willy nilly like they did back then before they had a vaccine and/or understanding of how to fight it, with a resurgence (and much higher death toll) with a second wave in the fall of 1918, and another wave in the spring of 1919 (when the soldiers came home from the war and passed through many cities and towns, many of them carriers of the sickness, unknowingly spreading it around). Hopefully this turns out better than that did (and you’d think, 100 years later and the scientific leaps we’ve made since, will enable us to get this under control).

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