Wednesday and panic has set in about this virus

OK, not really. But at the same time, Ash watched a guy named Michael Osterholm on Joe Rogan last night that gave me a bit of a reason to worry. While it was previously thought to only affect older people, this guy said people who are asthmatic in their 40s also had issues. Um, that’s me. Admittedly, I am generally healthy and I have my asthma under control. One of the only things that stressed me out is that Elliot wasn’t feeling great starting Sunday night. He is better today. Hopefully he wasn’t carrying it in some way an passed it on to my parents this past weekend. Unlikely but you don’t know. Sigh.

Today has been both parts good and stressful. I woke up on time and got the coffee going. Got showered and dressed and I thought I was good to go but then the kids were lagging. Since I had to get on to work, I had to rush them a bit. Of course, in the end they had plenty of time because their bus didn’t show up until about 40 minutes past the normal time! I guess it broke down on the way. Elliot was pissed because he had to stick around with them and couldn’t do his normal breakfast/studying morning routine. But with me having an 8am class now on MW, I couldn’t just go home and grab them. Sigh. But even though they were late, it all worked out. And my class went well to boot. Two and a half hours is a long-ass time to be in class with students, let me tell you. I gave them a 5 minute break then treated them to the Rocky IV training montage.

It makes sense, I promise. Their first paper is a lot like a montage so this way, they could more visually understand how to craft it.

I have two more classes to teach but since we’re heading towards Spring Break AND the possibility of moving to entirely online, things are dicey. Honestly, if no one shows up, I’m ok with that. I just want to get to  Spring Break and relax. Granted, it won’t be true relaxation for a multitude of reasons. One of these is that the kids will be with me. Another is that Ash may take the week too. Another is that I still have plenty of work to do AND we have lots of housework to do. BUT in that, I will feel productive. Having it be now is actually kind of nice because we can sort of isolate ourselves away from potential coronoavirus folks and stay safe. That sounds alarmist, I know, but it might be just the right time to do it.

I am secretly (not-so) hoping that TCC does  make us go all online. I know I could handle it and then I would not need to concern myself with getting to campus so early on those days. Talk about a real boon, even though it comes on the heels of this pandemic.

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