MMMM + Virus doom and gloom

OK OK it’s not bad yet. The kids are off one additional week after this one, which is their normal Spring Break. I’m online for two weeks after this one. And yet, I cannot help but feel like we are writing a novel titled “An Abundance of Caution”. I read a very long Twitter thread yesterday and the questions was, ‘Do you know or know anyone who knows someone who has the Coronavirus?’ And not a one said they did. And a lot of the replies were nurses. Do I think it’s not a big deal? No, but I feel like we’re being so overly cautious that my skeptical brain wonders what this is a distraction from. Conspiracy theorists online think this is the prelude to a government take-over. They’ve gone so far as to say that soon we’ll have military in the streets, forcing people to stay home. Do I think that’s true? No. But if it is, that’s exactly why so many people believe in keeping their guns. You won’t be taking my freedom, thank you very much.

So yeah, I realize I sound like I’m crazy but there’s the part of me that thinks the U.S. will be ok for a multitude of reasons, one of them being that we’re a lot more spread out and we have generally cleaner spaces than the other countries. We don’t eat weird animals and we have cleaner air. So there’s that. The other irrational part of me worries that if I let me guard down, we’re doomed. I wish this whole thing would get worse sooner rather than later so we can go back to “normal”. I hate waiting. I also worry that if we all self-isolate now but it still picks up, then we wasted our supplies. I’m an introvert by nature and don’t mind staying home but the idea that we’re being told not to go out makes me feel stir-crazy. I crated a schedule for the kids today that involves a lot of rotations of things such as TV, educational things, games, down time, and chores. I am hoping this works out for them because I don’t know how we’ll last otherwise.

For now, I am trying to be reasonable and rational. Remember Swine Flu? I know the media didn’t hype it like this. I was hardly even aware that it was killing so many. And you know, maybe I was better off. Ignorance is bliss, as they say. So we’ll be over here, washing our hands and staying home as much as we can (the four of us anyway; Ash still has to go to work.) We’ll try to self-isolate and hope this blows over quickly and pray to God that the economy doesn’t tank!


OK so St. Patrick’s day theme, guess I’ll go with my ol’ reliable Dropkick Murphys for Irish theme. Ash and I saw this band in a tiny venue in 2005 and it was an incredible show.

4 thoughts on “MMMM + Virus doom and gloom

  1. I truly hope you find all your answers. I know that if you google it they will tell you what the symptoms are such as: Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is characterized by mild symptoms including a runny nose, sore throat, cough, and fever. Illness can be more severe for some people and can lead to pneumonia or breathing difficulties. More rarely, the disease can be fatal. Older people, and people with other medical conditions (such as asthma, diabetes, or heart disease), may be more vulnerable to becoming severely ill. People may experience: and runny nose, sore throat, cough, fever, difficulty breathing (severe cases)
    Hope that helped. Cute song too! Thanks for playing along. Oh and no one is working in our family except my youngest daughter. She’s a nurse. 😦 STAY HEALTHY MY FRIEND! HUGS

  2. Living in New York State, and coming a little late to your post, things are a bit clearer now, and a lot scarier. But the Dropkick Murphys. Just to think that it was coronavirus (no, I don’t have it, either – I hope) that introduced me to them. Has to be some good in that – I have loved every one of their songs I’ve heard in the last week. To think, punk and bagpipes – I am sold on this song!

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