MMMM + Weekend recap will be long!

SO, I am home right now but my schedule has changed a lot! Basically, I picked up a MW 8 week 8-10:30 am course at the community college so those two days will be much longer for me. But today, I only met with my students for about an hour and a half and then I am moving my office hours to Wednesday so I can be home now and catch the heck up. Because it’s been A weekend!

Thursday, I got a lot done for work and at home, including packing. I took myself to Tan’s Asian buffet and then boy was I tired. But I persevered and didn’t even take a nap. We left for Pensacola right at 5, getting there in a record time of 2 hours and 35 minutes. My mom had guac ready and then we ate tacos, which were really good. It was a nice relaxing night, to be honest. The next morning, my mom had to go to work but the rest of us got to hang out. My dad made big breakfast and then Ash and I went around to some of their thrift stores. After that, we packed up and left for our reason for being there: a concert in Biloxi.

So, we stopped in Fairhope, Alabama first. There’s a brewery there that my parents really enjoy and we have had some of their beer as well. It wasn’t open yet when we arrived so we went to a Mexican place there – which was just ok; serviceable at best – and then we went to the tap room. Normally, we like maybe 1-2 of the beers we order in any place’s flight but we enjoyed nine out of the 10 we tried! While there, one of the low level brewers was working and we ended up talking to him for a while. Great beer and cool location. We left there and drove on to Biloxi, checking into our hotel and having about an hour to rest and drink the beer we brought in a growler from home.

At about 5:30, we walked to a place called the Wayward Kraken that we’d pegged as being interesting and on the way to the venue. Very cool concept; nerdy kind of place with LOTS of board games and craft beer. We sat at the bar and had a couple beers and ordered burgers, which were good but a little disappointed they were probably frozen patties. Really, I only complain because we chatted with the owner and she seemed to pride herself on her menu and her history as a chef. She said they used to make all kinds of funky foods and eventually just went to all burgers. Oh well; it was still yummy. By 7 we were at the Hard Rock hotel and casino to see one of my favorite 80s bands, Dokken.

So, Lynch Mob came on first and for those who don’t know, that is George Lynch’s band that he formed after leaving Dokken. To be completely up front and honest with you, they were actually better than Dokken, sound wise. Their singer’s voice was full and ranged whereas Don Dokken has seen better days. I will say, whomever Dokken’s new guitarist is amazing. To be able to fill George’s shoes, you have to be. Don though, well, his voice really fell flat. I know he’s been through some tough times so he gets a slight bit of a pass but maybe not tour if you don’t still have it. The songs I knew did still sound the same with the exception of his voice.

We were exhausted by the time we got back to the hotel but didn’t sleep well. I usually sleep ok in a hotel room but I was just not comfortable at all. We got up early and went back to Pensacola. I think Ash thought we were going to stick around there and do stuff but he never said anything until we were all the way back to Pensacola. So I mean, you gotta say something if that’s what you want to do! Anyway, my mom and the kids and I went to the mall then we all went to a place called Hub Stacy’s for lunch. It was super crowded because Maguire’s did their St. Patty’s Day 5k (i.e. a reason for non-runners to run and get beer). Luckily we found a table and got seated quickly, though food took longer. But it was good. We went to the little park across the way that was having a weekend festival, with arts and crafts and bounce houses, etc. Fun stuff.

I think everyone was melting by this time so I went ahead and packed us up and we drove home, getting in by 6ish. It was nice to get back after all the travel. This way, we had all Sunday to do stuff. I went grocery shopping early and by 2, we took a kid to a birthday party and Ash and I went furniture shopping. We looked at numerous bed frames and while we didn’t buy one, we did get some good ideas. We stopped into McGowan’s for a beer then got Isaac and went home. I should have prepared more for today but we decided to sit outside, drink more beer, and play some board games. Sometimes, you just have to!


OK y’all, freebie week. Boy, I wish I had something new to share with you. I wish I had anything at all that I’ve been listening to. But truth be told I just haven’t been into much of anything lately. I’m listening to music now and then in the car but nothing excites me right now. I’m always so disillusioned by new stuff – as bad as that is. I’m sorry but it usually just sounds so sappy! Also, I want to write an entire post on how STUPID Taylor Swift is. Her new song makes me want to  kick her off a cliff, buh bye, stop your bitching. If you were a man? You wouldn’t be half as rich or popular as you are so shut the EFF up you whiny bitch. OK rant over. Sorry!

I’m just going to pick a couple songs I have appreciated lately.


3 thoughts on “MMMM + Weekend recap will be long!

  1. Whoa, you are one busy gal for sure! Love your tune by Christopher Cross. So pretty! I never heard your first one before. Thanks for rockin’ along with us after such a weekend. Well, as they say its good to know when to go home. Have a rockin’ week! hugs

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