Random Tuesday – What you doin today? I’m workin

Stacy Uncorked


  • Yesterday was a struggle; I just did not feel well at all. I managed but the whole day was spent in some kind of weird fog. If I sat still, I was ok but when I got up and did anything, I felt like I was trying to walk through clay or something; slow, pained. But I still got things done. We even did our DDP yoga. I woke up feeling much better so that is a bonus for today.
  • So far, I have cleaned some in the kitchen and let some water out of the pool. Had a lot of rain lately so it was getting out of hand. Also, a board fell off our shed. It’s at the very top in the back so at least it’s covered more by the awning but ugh, now we have to figure out how to reattach it. I’d have Ash ask our handy man buddy but his wife just had a baby like, 3 weeks ago so he may be a bit busy.
  • I have to go to the store but I feel really happy sipping my coffee, typing this post, and watching a video on early 2000s pop-punk fashion. I was there you guys; just before big-ass Dickies shorts took over, I was wearing huge JNCO floaty pants and a chain wallet. Kind of funny how fashion changes. My son is in what he considers the cool thing now, which is tighter tech shirts and short shorts. I mean, boys haven’t worn short shorts since like, the 80s.
  • My husband went back and watched the first season of True Detective. Everyone said how great it was but he was a little disappointed. And I agree that in the end, it was like every other crime drama: a little lame, a little trying to hard to be scary, and a little unbelievable. Oh well. Not everything can be amazing. (Also, not every bad guy should be a Satanist. I happen to know people who are and they don’t worship the devil or perform rituals and stuff.)
  • A new bar opened here called 1903 and I really want to go because they specialize in making authentic drinks from specific years, even prior to 1880. I think that’d be really cool, though I may not come home particularly sober, since I’d want to try to many.
  • OK, time to get down to business. Shower, grading, shopping, cleaning. The life of a semi-stay at home/work at home mom!

2 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – What you doin today? I’m workin

  1. Being a mum is long hard work that only end after death but it is the best job we can have
    We have full lives that are full of ups and downs and all we can hope for is more good then bad days

  2. Hopefully the sluggishness-walking-through-clay feeling didn’t return! Thanks for the heads up on True Detective – I’ve had it in my queue for a while, but haven’t gotten around to watching it yet… It won’t be a priority. 😉 Oooh! That bar sounds fabulous! I hope you go and report back! 🙂

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