MMMM + A great weekend but what even is today?

Hey y’all, how we doing?  I had an AMAZING weekend. I don’t know how better to express it other than by detailing so, here goes. If you’re not particularly interested and looking for the music, feel free to scroll down.

OK so Friday,  I got some errands run, some cleaning done, and then went to class. My normally ill-attended and quiet class was great! We had a nice talk about their paper topics. Let’s hope they can follow through. My second class was ok but those Friday afternoon times are just rough for folks. I got home and let the kids ride the electric scooters for a bit and about 2 hours later, my parents arrived. We hung out a bit then went to Momo’ for pizza and beer. Good times. The next morning, we had to high tail it out early for a 9 am soccer game and it was COLD. Like, 34 degrees. We bundled up and brought blankets so it was ok. Koda’s team did not win but it was fun nevertheless. Then Isaac had a game and they did win, as they did all season. Undefeated! His coach had a brief trophy and food thing and then we went home to quickly eat some lunch before going back out to Elliot’s 1 pm game. They won as well and then next Sunday, they’re having a final get-together.

We had about an hour and a half at home before our scheduled time to leave for camping. I squeezed in a nap then got us all packed up. We drove about an hour out to our campsite and met up with our friends. It was a nice evening: some beer, some food, hanging out. It’s always fun to sit by the fire and just be. But it was not a good night’s sleep. I was warm enough in my sleeping bag, as were the kids, but I had to get up multiple times to pee and I did not hoof it to the port-o-potty. No way. Too dark and unknown. We all woke up by 6 and started packing up. We’re now notorious amongst the group for leaving super early but we have to; we don’t like sitting around all gross and cold and hungry. My parents were going to leave early and we did not plan to see them but we got home early enough that we did.

In fact, we all went to Lofty Pursuits for breakfast, which is always tasty and huge portions. I was literally in a food coma afterwards and add that on top of a bad night’s sleep and by 11 am, I was napping. So was Dakota; the boys were playing games. So mid-day Sunday was relaxing. I got up and worked on laundry and put away the camping gear. Four of us went to Goodwill then Publix for dinner things. We decided on burgers and while we cooked, we installed the Tiki Toss ring game, which we’d played at a Pensacola brewery and had such fun with it, decided we needed one for the deck. So all in all, a great weekend. I didn’t wake up feeling very rested, though I clearly slept a lot, so I am trying to mentally get there now. I’ve had coffee, I am opening various tabs on my computer to start the work process. But I am still just not quite present. I was going to run but behind my left knee it feels like a rubber band is snapping each time I walk so I may want to take another day off. Those hills are killing me!


I have given you all the songs I’ve recently been listening to so this week, even though I have played this band before, I want to share an old Dokken song. Do you know why? Because they are going on tour…with the original line-up (which is a miracle)…and I have tickets! Heck yeah! March 6th in Biloxi. This is a class hair metal band but they have such great music. Check this one out.


5 thoughts on “MMMM + A great weekend but what even is today?

  1. You only camp for one night? So much work for just one night! 🙂 We typically do no less than 2 nights, but I do a whole mega kitchen set up and make gourmet meals while we’re camping, so we *need* the day and night so I can relax in between setting up, cooking, breaking down, then putting away and cleaning when we get home. 😉

    How have I never heard of Tiki Toss? Now I’m gonna want to set one up on our deck! 🙂 Great song choice!

    And I’m so sorry – I totally forgot to go back in my drafts folder to finish typing up the email I started to send you – I’ll get back to it soooooooooon!!! 🙂

    1. The thing about camping for us is that our friends are already there, all set up, fire blazing. We just have to throw up the tent and inflate the mattresses.

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