MMMM + Ugh, make the pain go away

Despite this on-going pain in my left leg and what is either severe allergies or a cold, I had a good weekend. Friday afternoon when I got home from work, Ash had set up his new mini amp on the projector cart and he suggested building an outside fire and watching a movie. I then suggested inviting over some friends. So by about 7:30, my friend and her son and our other friend and her family had arrived. Then our friend and his son came. So we had a nice night, drinking, sitting by the fire, watching Commando, and then playing Sequence.

Saturday, we went out to Goodwill then Target for a birthday gift. By 1, Ash and I were at Urban Air for a birthday party for one of the kids. I was exhausted after so I napped, then we had dinner at Sonny’s. All in all, a nice day; well-rounded. Sunday, I woke up early and got groceries and bagels for breakfast. Noon came really fast and Ash took Koda to sell cookies at the last GS booth of the sales season and then I took Elliot to his end of season soccer party, and Isaac came with. The team scrimmaged each other, had pizza, and then got their medals (I ordered dog tags this year as something different.) Again, a long day already but since we picked up 2 10 pound bags of whole grain for brewing, we decided to make another batch of the pale ale. So it was straight into brewing, then making dinner, then cleaning up from both! Whew!

I thought my symptoms were at first minor allergies but then my sore throat and runny nose made me think a cold. But then around 5 pm yesterday, my never-ending sneezing and itchy watery eyes indicated a serious allergy attack. I checked the weather report for pollen and it read “extremely high.” OF COURSE. I found one last Zyrtec in the drawer and took it and then I was a zombie within 2 hours. I was awake for a bit, finally stopped sneezing, and watching the PBS American Experience on Walt Disney (Wow, PBS, could you be any more leftists? Geez.) But it was a pretty good documentary all in all. I straight fell asleep in the most peaceful way, though, right at the end. Sigh. Have to go back and watch that.

Today, I woke up feeling pretty good, though my nose is rough from blowing it, and my face still feels all congested. Isaac’s class had a Dr. Seuss week special parent/child reading time this morning so I went in with him and started a book about the real story of the history of pirates. I’m trying to get my brain together today but it isn’t happening just yet. The weird thing is that I don’t feel bad but I don’t feel like doing much either. I have to be to work by 12:15 so that’s what I am working on now.


Since the theme has to do with songs with names in the title, let’s do two that have the same name!

5 thoughts on “MMMM + Ugh, make the pain go away

  1. Fuinny, I always heard that Walt Disney wasn’t especially leftist. But I didn’t see the documentary. I used to work a couple of blocks from where he was born and never knew it until years later.

    You picked a couple of good songs here!

    1. He wasn’t. A good portion of the show focused on how he fought against the employees on strike and later on, it was found that the main organizer of the strikes was a Communist sympathizer. Kind of amusing!

  2. Wow, such a busy weekend! You have to let me know what’s wrong with your leg if you ever find out. I have the same thing, but I truly believe it’s something to do with my back surgery cuz when I woke up from the surgery that’s when the pain started & hasn’t left. My surgery was in 2018. Anyway, Stevie Nix’s voice really has changed from higher to lower don’t ya think. What a legend. Sara what a pretty song.. great picks here girlfriend. Have a great week & I surely hope you feel better.

  3. Two Sara songs, both good ones. I had a good friend Sarah back in the late 1970’s, but, sadly, she died several years back. She was on an organ transplant list but wasn’t able to get to the top in time. So, a bittersweet moment for me today. I hope your leg gets better and you get over your allergy attack.

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